Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hyper Huge in Pink Sponsored Review ❤

Time to review the other pair of lenses Cosme eyes cosmetic lenses has sent me! Hyper Huge in Pink! I forgot to state in my Hyper crystal grey review that all lenses sold by Cosme eyes cosmetic lenses  lasts up to one year!

DIA: 17.5mm
Available in

Ready stock: 0-500degree
0 degree only

These are the largest diameter lenses that Cosme eyes cosmetic lenses carry. I don't really recommend these lenses if you have small eyes because you won't be able to see much of the white of the eye or sclera (yes I googled that >.<)

These lenses have a really big enlargement effect and perfect for the gyaru make up style to create the big dolly eye look ^__^

These are my first pair of PINK contact lenses so I was quite excited to try them on!

The lenses come with adorable contact lenses case and box!

In natural light, with flash and me staring straight at the light! In the third picture the lenses make my eyes look really sparkly and watery 

Photo taken outside


These lenses are very thin and comfortable! Even though pink is not a natural eye colour but these lenses look quite natural under indoor and natural lighting as you can see from the photos

And no weird white gaps when you turn you look at another direction

I think these lenses create very "anime-like" eyes

These lenses totally matches my leopard maxi! hahaha

Also worn these lenses in the previous post, think it matches my new hair colour really well!

Cosme eyes are having a introductory price of $55 aud for a limited time only for these lenses! But she's going to be on hiatus for 3 weeks from this Friday so if you want to get these soon you better order before Friday!

To order just comment on their Facebook page

All her lenses are in stock so they will be posted out to you immediately!

If you are not interested in buying anything please like their Facebook page just to show support (^_^)

I'm going to do my nails now so until next time~! xx


  1. cute!i also consider buying pink lens and these are adorable!!i heart them!

  2. thanks babe ^__^ glad you like them =)

  3. babe what lashes are u using on the bottom in ur pics ??
    can u Fb me ur ans!!! :) xx
    ♥ Amy Apple