Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Omg I havn't blogged for a whole week! First time I haven't blogged for that long! Just came back from Melbourne last night! Due to the wintery, wet and miserable weather in Aus I feel so lazyyy! Just want to stay in bed and watch series on my laptop =___=

This is going to a rambling & useless post so unless you are interested to read about my boring life you can just skip this part... actually you can skip the whole post altogether! Lol...

Those of you that follow my blog or is my friend probably know I was planning to move to Melb end of June this year.

Well after this horrible weekend in Melb I've officially changed my mind! I'm not moving to Melb anymore! However I don't plan to stay in Perth either...So I'm still going to leave but maybe I might go overseas either to Malaysia or China...(yet to be confirmed).

Anyway I don't know if it's because I'm super unlucky or what but just in 5 short days I met so many horrible and rude people in Melbourne!!! From waiters in restaurants to sales assistant in David Jones to the horrible taxi drivers to the girl at check in at the airport... omg...

Are Melbourne people generally this rude and horrible?!?! Last time I went to Melb I've never rode in a taxi or did much shopping etc I didn't really socialise with many people except my friends there and that time the people I met in the clubs were really nice and friendly but this time omg...wake up call much?

Furthermore two out of the three job interviews turned out to be full commission and the only job I actually wanted I don't think I got it..

How disappointing.. but I'm glad I found all this out before I actually decide to move all my stuff over and then regret it! Also because I spent most of the trip going to job interviews and clubbing at night and spent the next morning hung over I hardly did anything fun and stayed in my hotel resting and eating instant noodles and take away sushi..so I didn't have a great time either...even Sydney was more fun and I didn't even go clubbing in Sydney.

I didn't take much photos from this trip but here is my fav photo from my camera..not photoshopped cos I really cbb haha!

til next time~~


  1. You are so cuuute! ♥
    And I'm sure you will find a new job soon!


  2. thanks babe! It's ok im not lookin for a job in melb nemore >__<

  3. awwwww~ sorry about the rude people in melbourne! >< I hope you find a good job in a city with nice people!~

    You're so prettyyy!!~ Jealousss <3

  4. Sucks to hear the people in Melbourne are so rude this time around >"<
    You look super pretty in the picture btw ^^ Good luck on finding another job in a more friendly place!

  5. @mimi thanks sweetie~ yah im considering going to penang or beijing for a few months >__< so much easier to just get a job via connections -.-

    @jen thanks dear <33 xx

  6. wowww beijing!! (: My boyfriend's dad lives there XD I might visit this summer! I think it should have a lot of job opportunities since China is growing so fast! ^^ goodluck!!

  7. The last time I've been to beijing was in 1997 >__< So I think it would be fun to go there for a few months and get some work experience at the same time

    I have a pretty close friend there so hope she can hook me up on some decent job! She said there's a job opportunity with Canon!

    Either that or I might follow my bf back to Penang and work at his dad's company

    Either way I just really want to get out of Perth for a while >__<