Monday, April 25, 2011

Popteen May 2011 Issue snippets pic heavy!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are eating a lot of chocolates and relaxing and taking it easy =P

I'm definitely not going to post all 276 pages of Popteen's May issue here so what I'm going to do is post my fav pages from the issue and talk about it! Remember to click on read more!!

If you live in a place that cannot buy Popteen like me then you can download mag scans or go to to read it!

But seriously real magazines are soooo much better... The first thing I bought when I went to HK in Feb was the latest Popteen mag @.@ It's my gyaru bible!!

Tsubasa introducing her new base make up released on 8th April which I've blogged about HERE!

She looks so adorable and doll like (as usual) in the promo pics!

I love everything Kumicky wears! This is my fav outfit from the whole mag! I want high waisted shorts like this one so bad!!! And omg really want the shoes also! Plus the two waisted skirts are so cute!!!

I absolutely love mix and match sections in magazines! This issue features Mizukitty and Nana! Man I don't think I'll be able to do my hair put on make up and dress nicely every single day for more than a week and I will be like omg.. ok maybe 3 weeks because I do that when I go on holidays... 

So for all girls that can do this everyday (all the Shibuya gals etc) you have my respect seriously!! 

Love her style! Cute casual 

Nana! Her style is always very W

Apparently off the shoulder is IN!

Love the brown knitted poncho! I have one in beige..should start wearing it soon!

Love the off the shoulder X maxi dress! I'm going to wear that when the weather gets a bit more cooler =)

I really love off the shoulder/ baggy clothes so glad it's back in fashion yay!

What's in their bags?

Hello Kitty overload! lol Love looking at these because I always go yeh! I have that! Oh no I want tat! etc like a checklist for all the things I *should* have in my bag too lol!

Really love these checkered nails! Maybe I should do this style next?

That's it! Bit late to post this since this issue has been out for a while but.. better late than never right? =P

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