Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Post on Holiday - HK & Penang

Sorry haven't updated in a while because I was really busy! Also my make up course started! I can't wait to teach you all everything I've learnt in my classes so far but that will have to be for another post.

I just want to do the last post on my Feb holiday and then be done with blogging about my holiday!

Again.. don't forget to click on read more!! Here we go...

Some more camwhore photos from my HK trip

Soft focus mode

Love my Dolly Wink eyeshadow ^__^

Last day in HK, staying at Holiday Inn TST

Mini bar

Not as nice as Intercon but it was pretty decent

If you haven't read my post about shopping in HK & Taipei I did a LOT of shopping on the last day in HK buying all the things I didn't buy in Taipei

Then I went to see the laser show at TST facing HK Island with my friend

My favourite part of HK! Their breath-taking Skyline and it amazes me that most of my friends that grew up in HK never went to see the laser show -.-;; My friend was like.. wow! Thanks for taking me here! I think I will bring my mum to see this tomorrow night! ORZ

Then he took me to eat awesome sashimi!

After dinner, we went back to the harbour to take more photos of HK Island because it was less crowded

Outside the hotel I stayed at before

Avenue of stars..

I swear I didn't know like 99% of the stars there...

so I only took photo of the 1% that I do know.. which is..

Bruce Lee

and Jackie Chan.. lol!

Love this photo! (The bottom one)

Avenue of stars!

 Then of course we had to go for dessert! Watch us eat this super yummy egg dessert! =P

Showing off my new Liz Lisa top~ Don't have the chance to wear it yet because it's still so frikkin hot in Perth! It's April already and still so hot! Arrgh I want to start wearing all my new winter wear already!

And nerd glasses I bought~ same shop where I bought my bambi series contact lenses ^_^

Spent the rest of my holiday relaxing in Penang

Check out all my luggages that I in other words my bf had to haul back!! See that big black bag in the background? I bought that in Taipei to fit all the shopping I bought!

Brought back 50kg home -.-;;

Wearing my Liz Lisa dress~ Warning.. more camwhore photos!

 Random snaps of Penang from the car

MacDonald cone with strawberry twist! It's soo yummy but the Aus McD don't sell them!! =(

Outside Queensbay Mall

Getting ready to go out!

In the lift!

Photo taken in the carpark, the ocean always look so blue ^__^

Penang Shopping 101
  • Gurney Plaza
  • Queensbay Mall
  • Prangin Mall (Cheap mall for young kids kinda like Sung ei wang in KL)
But I'm not a fan of shopping in Malaysia at all... except for.. their shoes!! OMG I buy at least 5-6 pairs every time I go to Penang.. They are sooo nice and cheap!! Most average around 15-20aud!

Also I stock up on all the Jap branded make up in Watsons

But I mainly just eat, relax and watch movies which is sooo frikkin cheap!! 3aud only! Can you believe it?! And all the movies come out so much faster than Aus!! I watched The Mechanic in Feb in Penang and I think it's coming out in April in Aus!!

Yayyy so finally my holiday posts are done!! After a whole month! Omg!!

I will try do some make up reviews and new things I learnt in my make up class soon  ^__^

so until next time~~


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