Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jill Stuart Limited Edition 102 Amazonite Dazzle swatch

That's right! Even I'm shocked at how fast I got this! Thank you so much Dom you are the best! ^__^

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes limited release for their Dreamy Garden Collection this April!

And the most sought after colour out of the two is this baby! 102 Amazonite Dazzle because it's very different and unique to the rest of the Jill Stuart eyeshadow range

I've seen a lot of information floating around on the internet about this but I haven't found anyone reviewing or doing swatches so that's why I'm posting this up asap hoping to be one of the first and hoping to persuade you into getting your hands on this baby before it's all gone! =P

Look at the adorable floral pattern on the box!

Love this limited edition case! Feels extra princessy!

Ta-dah~ 102 Amazonite Dazzle - Like most of the Jill Stuart eyeshadow range it's very sparkly! but the brown is matte!

I love the middle two colours, gives off a very amazon feel =)

Swatch~ This is only one swipe of the eyeshadow, even though I got a lot of colour onto my fingertips but didn't show up much on my arm

Went for 2 more swipes to build up to this colour

What I think so far:
I love the colours and the gorgeous JS scent that comes with all their products. However like all Jill Stuart's Jewel crystal eyes, they are very chalky and if you get a tissue and wipe at it very gently most of it comes off =.=  

So when using JS's eyeshadow you MUST prime your eyes so that the colour will last longer! But this is expected since I have their Jewel crystal eyes in another colour already.

I love this product just because of the limited edition-ness = adorable case (I totally get sucked in by packaging and limited edition-ness -.-) and the gorgeous colour palette =P

I will be using this eyeshadow next time I go out so I can post more pictures with it on!

How to get your hands on this product:
If you are not lucky enough like me to have friends going to HK to bring this product back to you like right NOW (since it's limited stock) then you will have to get a personal shopper to help you buy it! There's a lot of them floating around online, I can't recommend you any because I've never used any personal shoppers

Hope this was helpful~ 



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