Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to take good care of your laptop...Fashionably

I feel incredibly guilty if I haven't blogged for more than 3-4 days (if I don't have a good excuse) so here's a half assed entry to make the guilt go away! 

Was meaning to blog about this agges ago.. These photos was taken 2 months ago! Lol

So I'm here to show you guys how you can take good care of your laptop (externally) AND make it look pretty and awesome at the same time!

Laptop cover - protect your laptop from scratches!

Because my laptop is a macbook, it's easy to find many laptop covers in different colours for my laptop. Have a look at what covers are available out there for your laptop model.

As you can probably tell by now.. I love pink! So good bye boring silver macbook and hello pretty pink cover ^__^

Next up! Keyboard cover! 

This is quite important because if you don't have a keyboard cover, after a while dirt will eventually get trapped beneath the keys and that will really screw over your keyboard! Make sure you buy a thin keyboard cover so you won't type like a retard! Again.. pink keyboard cover which I LOVE! Looks so pretty with the silver!

Next is the palm and track pad protector

The palm protector is a silver sheet which goes on the area where you rest your palm when you type. It protects that area because it can get dirty quite easily, especially if you have dirty or sweaty hands. Since the colour is almost exactly the same, you can hardly see it's there! There's a sticker that protects the track pad area but I don't use it because the track pad becomes less sensitive.

So ta~da! This is what my laptop looks like! All protected and super pretty at the same time

Also I stuck a screen protector on as well for the monitor but you can't really see from the picture..I totally failed sticking it on so I have all these ugly air bubbles so I'm not going to take photos of it and show you

I was going to bling my laptop... but I got lazy.. I think it looks good like this already =) Maybe I will get around to blinging it one day... when I'm like SUPER bored! But for now this will do!

You can find most of the stuff I mentioned on eBay! I bought most of them on eBay for a pretty decent price! Hope you found this post useful ^__^

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