Sunday, April 24, 2011

Girls Night out X 3 ❤

First of all I'd like to thank all my readers for following, commenting and entering my giveaway =) Gives me motivation to keep blogging ^__^ Also I've updated my wish list =P

Recently I signed up to the chinese version of twitter which I'm so addicted to

So if you have an account feel free to follow me ^__^

I update there really frequently.. I don't really use my twitter account much because none of my friends use twitter.. it's not very popular in least not in Perth anyway.. 

Going to post up a series of camwhoring pics with my friends that was taken over the month! Doesn't feel so vain when you are camwhoring in a group haha! I have numbered the photos so it's easier for commenting =)

#1 Introducing...Yuki, VanVan and Wen 

These shots were taken at Intercontinental Burswood Hotel room~ same series as the photos from this post!




#5 Wen have so many diff expressions! I look so boring..same expressions all the time >.<



#8 Love these full body shots (^.^)






#14 Photos taken in the toilet when we went for karaoke!


#16 Wearing our Liz Lisa 

#17 This photo was taken last night! Had a sleep over at my place and I practised doing make up on them as part of my assignment for my Make up course o(^__^)o

Evening Glamour, Natural Bride and urm teacher/pa? 

Hair by Wen
Make up and clothes and accessories by me!

#18 Full body shot!


#20 Friend attending wedding?

#21 Teacher telling off bad student lol!

#22 Change clothes/style time!

Cute, Classy and Bohemian 





#27 Wearing my Liz Lisa maxi and Wen wearing my maxi from Forever New

Coming up are contact lenses reviews for my friend/sponsor Cosme Eyes! Hope you all have a lovely long weekend, be safe!! 


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