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Feb 2011 Taipei Trip

It's already April so I really should finish blogging about my holiday that happened.. 1 months++ ago! >.< Again, photos here are not repeated on facebook!

Again.. because this is a really long post remember to click *read more*

It was raining 3 out of 4 days in Taipei fml.. so get ready to see a lot of umbrellas in these photos!

Hotel room in Taipei, bought it as a package tour in HK so it's quite cheap! The room is huge!! That bed is apparently a *single bed* according to the front desk.. lol but two people can sleep quite comfortably on it!

'Living room' area.. told you it's big!

First night in Taipei went to the famous Shi Lin Night Market to eat the famous Taiwan street food!

Remember this sign! The original chicken fillet in Taiwan mmm!

Look at all the little food stalls!

Smelly tofu >.<

More street food in the making..

Look at all the different types of juices and drinks you can choose from! Fyl if you can't read chinese >.<

This is the shopping part of the night market!

There are smaller food stalls on the side of the street

Sugar cane juice!

In conclusion, if you visit Taipei night market is a MUST! I didn't really go shopping there just had a look around but there's a lot of really cheap and good stuff there so fully I recommended you to spend your nights in Taipei at the night market! They are open everyday til late!

Didn't take photos from day 2 because I went to Xi Men Area (西門町)to shop and it was raining reallly heavily.. Oh also cos I was getting my new camera blinged ^__^

Day 3: we went to Dan Shui 淡水 to eat and look around

Catching the ferry to go to Dan Shui

My fox tail~   ^___^

Yay charcoal grilled squid!

Hahaha smoking Buddha?

There was some little shops but the place is mainly for eating.. told you there will be a lot of umbrellas in this post >.<

And here is where I bought my fur ear muffs ^__^

Waiting for more food!

mm Lamb kebab!

That night we went for 麻辣 Spicy steamboat!!

Look how red it is.. you can prob imagine how spicy it was!

Day 4 - last day in Taipei, the only day that didn't rain! Yay!

And some non photoshopped camwhore photos from my Taipei trip >.< 

Soft focus filter

Outfit of that day... All bought in Taipei! Love my new military coat! Wasn't cheap! >.< 150aud! But it's really good quality so it was worth it =)

Showing off my new cam =P

Went to Sogo to buy... SKII, Liz Lisa & Jill Stuart, no photos cos I was rushing for time because it was last day in Taiwan meaning last day to do as much shopping as I can! 

After Sogo we went to check out Taipei 101

Each brand had like 2-3 diff shops selling specific stuff ie Chanel would have a shop thats just for cosmetics and then another shop with only watches and another separate shop for bags and clothes etc etc

My dream watch >.<

Then we ended the day at Wu Fen Pu - 五分鋪 If you want to buy clothes in Taipei this is the ONLY place you need to go

But remember they DON'T accept credit cards so bring as much CASH as you can!

I used all my cash at Xi Men Ding fml so I was pretty upset when I arrived here and saw all the clothes and shops! Luckily my bf haven't used any cash yet ^__^

This is where all the little shops in Taipei get their stock! So I guess everything that you can find everywhere else in Taipei like the night markets etc can be found here!

But just let you know that in Wu fen pu they basically only sell clothes! Very hard to find anything like accessories or fake eyelashes etc! You need to go the Xi Men or Night market for those.

There's cheap clothes or expensive clothes depending what you are looking for but you can get decent quality clothes for around 400-600NT which is 15-20aud.

There's THREE HUNDRED of these little shop all in Wu Fen Pu!

Shopping 101 in Taipei

Three main places you need to know about..
  • Wu Fen Pu 五分鋪
  • Night Market 夜市 I went to Shi Lin 士林 but theres a lot of other night markets in Taipei
  • Xi Men Ding 西門町 Shopping area in Taipei for young people... it's like the Shibuya and Shinjuku of Tokyo
Oh and exchange rate at Airport IS REALLY GOOD! So make sure you change all your $ at the Taipei airport

I think you can only change money in Banks in Taipei and they close like at 3pm! Also they are not open in the weekends so it's super inconvenient!

I was told by someone that Post office changes currency but it turned out that they only change NT to other currencies but not the other way around >.<

Ok that's all the tips I have about Taipei!

This was my first time visiting so I'm not an expert or anything but these are just what I learned from this trip that I think is useful to anyone that haven't visited Taipei yet.

Hope you found my tips useful and enjoyed reading this post!


ps. One more post coming up about my last day in HK then I'm done blogging about my holiday *Whew*

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