Thursday, April 7, 2011

Candy Doll New Base Make Up Released!!

Tsubasa Masuwaka's Candy Doll is officially releasing their new Base make up range tomorrow on the 8th April 2011!

I have seen this information on other gyaru's blogs a long time ago when the news first got out about Tsubasa's new Candy Doll range but I decide to blog about it again here since the make up range is officially debuting tomorrow!

Tsubasa is selling the make up via Candy Doll's official website and Shibuya Walker first and if the sales are good then she will start selling them in the shops

Tsubasa says she is using everything in the new base range - Liquid foundation, concealer, powder, powder foundation..

Make up base in 01 makes the skin brighter, it is recommended for girls that likes fair skin!

02 is due to release at the end of the month

02 in the Make up Base series is similar to BB Cream, feels light on the skin meaning it's not very thick or sticky and gives a tone cover

Contains 30SPF so protects you from the sun ^_^

Liquid Foundation selling in 01 and 03 first and 02 due to release later

Tsubasa uses 01, the lightest shade

03 is like an ochre colour
Just a thin layer should cover the pores and any redness

Concealer - 01 light shade, a bit of orange is added to 02 to target panda eyes!

Tsubasa uses both shades!

Candy doll Powder

The left one gives a glossy or bright skin

The right is the standard one which results in porcelain skin for a more natural look

Powder foundation

Long lasting, comes with mirror and marshmallow sponge! Tsubasa picked the sponge out of a wide selection! So it must be a really soft and good sponge lol!
My view on this range..

I'm SUPER disappointed in the packaging.. looks like some cheap make up for little girls =( However.. I'm a diehard fan of all of Tsubasa's products so if the quality is good and there's a lot of good reviews out there then I will prob get sucked in and end up buying it! >.<

For more proper promotional pictures of this range please visit Candy Doll's official website

All information and photos are credited to Tsubasa Masuwaka's blog

All translations are credited to ME! I didn't translate EVERYTHING from her blog post because I was scared to translate something wrong and then give you guys wrong information omgg!! Hahaha so I translated the most straight forward information! If you can read japanese then please do visit her blog!

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  1. hi babe where did u buy it and how much ?

  2. this has just been released in Japan so it will prob take a while before other countries get hold of it

    I'm hoping sasa will, either that or a lot of online boutiques that sell jap make up will prob start selling them but at prob super marked up prices >.<