Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shopping list revised ~ Check Check and Check! Super long post

This is a super long post so please click on *read more* to see the full post!

Yay finally going to share with you all the MASS shopping I did in Hong Kong and Taipei

I ended up carrying like 50kg of stuff back home >.< My bf wasn't too pleased because he had to do all of the carrying lol! He referred to it as *moving house... again* -.-;;;

Well I'm proud to say I bought most of the stuff on my list!

Jill Stuart...whats on my shopping list...

and what I bought...

(Only the stuff in the middle is mine.. the smaller pile hehe)

Yay got the blush brushhh ^__^

Didn't end up buying the powder because 1. I have way too many powders, 2. The packaging doesn't look as nice in person

I did however get something that wasn't in my shopping list and that's the Jelly eye colour

I will be reviewing these products soon =)

btw I bought an extra Jill Stuart mirror... because I thought I lost mine -.-; Cos I had too much crap and it got lost in the luggage and when I came back I found it again.. so now I have an extra mirror lol!!! 

Anyway so I'll be selling it.. Brand New $30aud  comment if you are interested I'll be making a separate post about it later

Ok going through my HK and TW shopping list now..

So I end up buying the Olympus pen epl2 in HK

and of course got it blinged (in Taipei)!

I got a super good deal because the seller threw in extra battery, 8gig memory card, a tripod, a camera bag and screen protector

Also they make less money on the white one cos the cost is higher so a lot of shops are either sold out or don't bother to stock them at all!! (I went to like 4 diff shops and asked and all of them are either sold out or they don't stock them!)

So I'm suppper happy with my white epl2 and the price that I got it for ^__^

Next on the list is LIZ LISA!! I almost went bankrupt from buying Liz Lisa because I swear I spent like.. 1500-2000aud just on Liz Lisa OR Liz Lisa inspired clothes... -.-;

It's really hard showing you the clothes I bought unless I'm actually wearing them...So this is the best I can do..

Bought the jacket on the right.. which is in the left picture on top right hand we are not really playing Where's LL >.<

And Liz Lisa that I bought from Sogo Taipei and Sogo TST in HK which costed me an arm and a leg >.< Instead of getting that LV mini wallet I end up asking my bf to give me $$ instead so I can buy more Liz Lisa =.= haha So I guess some of these are counted as my Valentine present? =P

The skirt the model is wearing in the right picture is one that I bought =) Last one left! ^__^

and dress on the right is the one I bought in Taipei. The Taipei Liz Lisa is actually more expensive than LL in HK by like...30aud! I was scared it was going to be sold out when I went back in HK so I got it in Taipei. Smart choice cos when I went back to HK it was indeed sold out!

Next on the list is Peach John 

and my photo of the PJ store..looks so crappy in my photo aye hahah!

 I will only be showing you the shopping bags because well sif I will be public displaying pictures of my underwear online.. >.<

Next on my shopping list is...Gyaru make up!

Unfortunately the Carrot Orange and Strawberry Pink blushes (which I ended up getting later) was out of stock but I did get the rest of the stuff that I wanted to buy

 I kind of went crazy at the shop and took like half of their stock -.-

I ended up spending prob.. 3000-3500HKD there =S

Restocked my fav Dolly Wink eyelashes - No 1, 2 and 5

DUP, Liz Lisa, Eyemazing, Melliesh and Diamond Lash eyelashes

 Dolly wink's new products - volume and long mascara and two of the eyeshadow pallets, doll wink's pencil eyeliner (black), Candy doll's high lighter, Lip gloss and powder

Rohto's eyedrops and contact solution, my fav dup eyelash glue, melliesh eyelid tape..

Can see more in this picture... From SaSa I got Kiss me mascara and mascara remover, heapps of Majorlica automatic eyeliners (I think I bought like around 10.. some was presents)
Majorlica make up base and foundation powder, Bibo eyebrow pencil, Kate eyebrow pallet, Ma Cherie gloss charge essence, and Maybelline's magnum volume express which is rated no. 1 in Japan so I really want to try it

If you want me to review any of these products please let me know! =)

My Candy Doll powder which I love!

 Next up is SK II  Whitening source transform compact foundation which is not sold in Australia. I didn't end up getting the liquid foundation because I had too many foundations.

Promo pic..

And my pic.. It was 80aud including the case.. I think the refill was 50aud

Bought this for my friend for 40aud (including case, the case is separate) I didn't end up getting one for myself because I got too many blushes

Next on the list is Duffy!

Again.. HK Disneyland does not sell Shelliemay.. this was all I got.. am still super upset about it but.. oh well.. I'll just have to buy them at inflated prices off eBay and pray that it is authentic ORZ

Next on the list is... FUR STUFF!!

Russian Hat...

OMG all the Russian hat was frikkin sold out in all the HK and TW!

So I had to get this one in HK on the last day and it was like 40aud! And I was like f*** that what a rip off!! But then I end up bargaining it down to like 30aud... still a rip off but.. I wanted one so bad... >.<

Fox Tail

Omg this one gave me so much headache because there was so many different prices and quality ranges I didn't know which one I should get...some were super expensive.. and some cheap ones was really bad quality =( I ended up getting two.. one small one and one large one in brown x white

Furry ear muffs...

So here's a photo of all my fur stuff!! Fur vest, fur tails, fur ear muffs, and monster fur leg warmers! Two long ones and two short ones!

It's going to be a very furry Winter!

And last thing on my shopping list was.. Fur jacket!!

Remember how I said I wanted this one really bad?

 Well I got it! Behold! Liz Lisa fur coat!!  ❤ 

Also bought the military coat that I've been wanting pretty badly..

picture of me wearing it along with my furry monster leg warmers~

Shoes that I bought on this trip...All of them was bought in Penang except for that one pair of boots with the fur.. 

The short black boots is from Charles n Keith~ last pair and I love it! The white version was sold out in my size... boo =(

Latest issue of Popteen, Popsister, an old issue of Popsister that I bought from that Gyaru make up store in HK and Liz Lisa brochure

 Shopping from Taipei trip!

 Shopping from last day in HK

Forgot to take shopping photos from first part of HK trip but I didn't buy much anyway

Anyway omg this post took agges so hope you enjoyed reading and if you want to know where I went for shopping etc

please follow me and then leave a comment with your question ^__^

In conclusion...Shopping Mission: ACCOMPLISHED!


  1. OMGGGGG jill stuart!!!! dolly wink, diamond lash *_____* i want them allllll!!!!!!

    btw was the jill stuart expensive in hk???
    Be my sisterplease!

  2. I actually bought all my JS in Taiwan cos they give more freebies and the sales are nicer =P

    but you can check out the prices on official JS website, they have HK and TW prices which works out to be roughly the same

    you can get all d dolly wink and diamond lash n jap brands at the place I emailed you about ^__^

    have fun in Hk at end of yr! It's my 2nd place in the world for shopping =)

  3. OMG !! where did you buy the melliesh eyelid tape ? XD and how much is it ? :D

  4. Bought it in HK I cant rmb the exact price but I dont think it was too expensive ^.^

  5. OMG O_O You spent so much money, it's pretty crazy, isn't it ^^'

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  7. i will travel to HK soon, could you pls email me the place you went for shopping.
    Thanks :)
    my email

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