Friday, March 25, 2011

My Graduation~

Last night I officially graduated from the University of Western Australia!

Yes that's right! UWA not Curtin ok? Man everyone assumes I either go to Curtin.. or Murdoch or tafe?!

Do I not look smart enough for UWA =( fml.. 

Uni felt like it went on forever! And do I miss it? Not really.. not yet anyway.. I was never fond of uni life and I hated assignments and exams! 

And now it's finally over! My school years are over and I'm about to begin a new chapter of my life and step into the adult world. Sounds kinda scary huh?

Well I'm a bit intimidated but mostly excited for the road ahead =)

So here's are some photos from my Graduation.. Note: no photos on facebook are repeated here =)

The tights that I worn that day, looks pretty how the sunlight hit my legs lol..

My Sister and I 

Love my uni campus =)

*Attempting* to look smart haha

Winthrop Hall were the Graduation ceremony was held

Me on stage! Shaking hands with the Pro-Chancellor

Warning: I look sleepy in most of my photos because I can't keep my eyes open with flash.. fml -.-

My best friend of 12 years and counting! We went to the same primary school, high school and university =)

Graduation present from my bestie~

It's a watch! I love it so much! Thank you ^__^

Most stupid question of the night: 
So you go to this campus..?
Well duh..
Oh.. cos I thought you went to Curtin
Why the hell would I be graduating from UWA then!?!?

Will not reveal who said that but hint: the person is in the photo below! hahaha

My family! I look so sleepy in this photo -.-; 


Van Van n me~

Love this photo and finally! My eyes are open! >.<

Personal Hair dresser and Nail artist =P

Haha yeh I got too lazy to caption =P

My fav picture from the night haha! Went for dinner after the Graduation~

Btw I'm wearing Liz Lisa~ Forgot to take a full body shot without my graduation gear =( Was too busy >.<

Make up of the day

Top eyelash: Dollywink no. 1 + no. 4
Bottom eyelash: Dollywink no. 5

Contact: Bambi series - Almond Brown

Candy Doll Powder
Nature Republic Foundation
Dior Eyeshadow 089 Smokey Crystal
Dolly wink liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner in black

Thanks for stopping by ^__^

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