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Macau In a Day~

I didn't want to stay overnight in Macau because I was scared that if I gamble and lost then I would be tempted to do an all nighter at the cas to chase back my money and most probably end up losing more money. If I didnt book a hotel, whether I win or lose I will have to board that last ferry back to HK. So I had only one day to do as much of Macau as possible. 

It was my first time going to Macau but luckily my friend James (see? you finally get mentioned! ^__^) who travels all the times esp to Hk, Macau, Taipei and Sg wrote me a really helpful and detailed guide so that I could use my time very efficiently in Macau.

I can send you a copy of his guide through email if you 

1. Be a public follower of my blog and then..
2. Leave a comment with your email address and a request for the guide =)

It's a really helpful guide for someone that has never been to Macau like me!

So here is how I spent my day in Macau...

Camwhoring in the bathroom~ I didn't end up wearing this because as I was about to leave and then I realised I couldn't carry my bag on my shoulder properly because I was wearing a poncho so I had to change and that explains why I'm wearing something different in later photos -.-

The white poncho was bought in JF81 in Woodhouse TST. JF81 sells imported brands from Shibuya 109! They are a bit pricey but their clothes are definitely good quality and of course trendy =)! It's one of Angelababy's fav shops in HK =)

Wearing Dollywink no.1 and no. 6

We went to concierge to ask for information on how to get to Macau... and this is what she said..

"Oh you can go to Macau by helicopter!"

Me: .....

"or... you can catch the ferry."

Me: "Yes.. so how do we get to the ferry terminal? -.-;"(completely ignored her suggestion about the helicopter)

I guess that's what happens when you stay at a 5 star hotel >.<


I get motion sickness easily so bought some bread to eat before boarding the ferry.. 

We woke up pretty late so we ended up catching the noon ferry.. meaning arriving in Macau around 1pm.. That's half of the day already gone =(

Going through immigration~ Omg please do NOT forget to bring your passport! One of my friend said he forgot his passport and didn't realise til he was passing through immigration so he had to go back to the hotel to fetch his passport -.- Fhl..

Free guide book from concierge about Macau which was pretty useless -.-

Casino Shuttle buses at the Ferry Terminal

Following James' guide we rode the Wynn bus to well of course.. Wynn!

We went there to Wynn.. but we LOST! -.-;

Crossed the road to MGM and we won there! So MGM deserve a bigger size photo! =)

We spent quite long there.. like at least an hour but it paid off since we won money! Yay =)

Then we walked over to Star World.. and I lost the money I won in MGM in like two hands -.-; I think their feng shui is too strong..

Look at the eye!! If you havn't noticed already EVERY casino have huge round lights which is called "the Eye" or something.. it's some feng shui thing.. I learnt that from watching a show about Feng shui and Macau Casinos and I started taking notice of these "Eyes" ever since..

Apparently it's bad luck to walk directly underneath it and they are ALWAYS placed at the entrance of the casinos. So I guess if you are superstitious then next time when you go to a cas DON'T walk directly underneath the big round light at the entrance!

Street shot in Macau~ Check out all the scooters behind me!

Lisboa~ We didn't go there..

Cos we went to the GRAND Lisboa behind it =)

You must try Grand Lisboa's buffet! I don't know what time is the lunch session but luckily we got there in time for the Dinner session which starts at 6pm. There's a time limit which is two hours so make sure you get there at the time the buffet starts. It's best to make a booking because if you don't have a booking you will have to wait at the door til all the people that made a booking are seated and then if there are still seats left THEN you will be seated

There's abalone, FRESH prawns.. as in they are alive and then the cook fishes them out and cooks them for you!

Salmon, sushi, tempura, mussels.. the buffet line was super long!

And check out the dessert!

We were running out of time so we ate quickly and left at 7pm. I think the buffet was around 250-300HKD per person.. I don't remember the exact amount but I remembered that the price was reasonable

Took some photos at the hotel lobby of Grand Lisboa. That chandelier was sooo pretty and sparkly and probably super expensive too!

Wonder if they are all Stanley Ho's treasures.. they look super expensive though >.<

yay me like to take photos with expensive thingys! =P

Imagine if that is your living room... >.< And the stairs are going up to the bedrooms on the second storey.. >.<!

Then we rode the bus back to the ferry terminal to go the the other side of Macau where Venetian is at. 

Night shots of Macau from the bus

Venetian! Sooo nice omg!

We were advised to go to City of Dreams first then Venetian because according to James' Guide..

"Make sure u wonder thru CITY OF Dreams first ..then walk over to VENETIAN .. cause if u do it the other way around – CITY of dreams will look like a piece of shit!"

He was right =)

Entrance to City of dreams.. Look at their lies! Talk about false advertising.. what happened to RSG -.-;

The chinese translates to

"Here is where luck is! You are lucky!"

Venetian~ Sooo beautiful!

I think it was either too late or too cold cos I didn't see anyone offering Gondola rides =( awww!

Inside Venetian...

Then we did some serious gambling at Venetian.. I ended up breaking even and my bf won money so in the end it was a really good trip =)

I'd like to thank James because his guide was reallly useful! Probably should've arrived in Macau a bit earlier but.. It's so hard to wake up early in Winter =(

So if you want the Macau guide please follow me and leave a comment ^__^

Omg that took quite long to post..but luckily blogger fixed their picture adding problem so I could add all the photos at once again! Gonna go back to watching my movie so until next time =)



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