Monday, March 28, 2011

Liz Lisa, Candy Doll and Juicy Shopping Haul~ ^__^

So I did some more online shopping after I came back from holiday... -.-; 

and here is what I bought~

3 Juicy Slippers~ I'm thinking of selling the pink one..

If you are interested please leave a comment in this post! It's size 36 and brand NEW! I'm selling for 20aud =)

Liz Lisa boots and ViVi Lena Fuji Shoes~

More Liz Lisa clothes, Liz Lisa nordic scarf~ and a rosebullet fuzzy white jumper

Will post photos of me wearing them later~

2 X Love Labo Masks, Eyemazing 003 and more Candy Doll!

Close up of Candy Doll~

Candy Doll Cheek colour in Carrot Orange and Strawberry Pink and Candy Doll Lip Gloss in Strawberry Milk! Plus orange Dolly Wink Nail polish ^__^

They were sold out of all this at the HK shop so I had to get them when I came back =(

Keep seeing all the models in Popteen and Popsister wear these adorable socks so I decided to get some too~

Here's a photo of Tsubasa wearing them ^__^ Cute right? >.<

And I will finish off this post with a camwhore photo of me from two days ago!

Wearing Bambi series in Grey~ ^__^

Will review all these products eventually~ If you want me to review something sooner please drop me a comment =)

Also I decided to open a Twitter account just to urm.. get to know the social network world a bit better =)

So feel free to follow me cos I feel kinda lonely haha..

Ok~ going to do my nails now ^__^ cyaa =)

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  1. I like the black juicy slippers! Can i have the website address pls???