Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm backk~~ ^___^ ❤ Overview of Penang, Hk and Taipei trip~

Since I said I will be back on 1st of March I feel like I *have to* post on the day I got back.. But it's 1am now (prob will be like 2 by the time I'm done) so technically it's the 2nd of March now -.-;

Anyway so I'm going to do a super lazy post and call it a day and get some sleep!!

So here are some of my fav photos from my trip~ I havn't even uploaded the photos onto facebook yet cos I have like 700++ photos even after I cut down like a LOT so I need to cut out more before I start uploading onto facebook -___-

My fav food from Penang which is actually at a Chinese restaurant lol...

Duck tongue omg it is seriously.. soo frikkin nice.. I could eat like 3 plates of this >___< poor ducks..

Frog legs! My ❤! I have to eat at this restaurant every time I go to Penang because I love love love their frog legs and duck tongue! 

I was only suppose to go buy flat boots for my HK trip (Middle pair the light brown one) and I end up buying 7 pairs of shoes instead T___T

Um I dunno the name of this... something you do on CNY for good luck and then.. it turns out like..

this...hahah! Why I even bother put this photo up if I don't even know what it's called.. I will find out and get back to you.. But I think most Malaysians/Chinese should know what this is.. It's suppose to be edible but actually no one really eats it haha we just play with it! =P

My new ❤ Olympus Pen EPL 2! Blinged in Taipei.. yes all my electronics HAS to be blinged ok? But I havnt blinged my laptop yet.. Too lazy lol.. 

Following photos are taken with my new camera~

Valentine present from bby~ But HK Disneyland don't sell Shelliemay! Grrr.. will blog more about that later..

Round one at Jap Cosmetic shop in HK~ Tsubasa is my idol so must get all her products!!! >__<  What a loyal fan I am!

Yay! Got my Peach John ^__^

Hanging out with Jay Chow.. I don't even like Jay Chow lol..(Wax Museum in HK)

Misty Peak in HK.. Bad timing to go there because there was no view only mist =(

 Street food in Taipei!! Omg I'm hungry now -.-;

雞排 basically a big piece of deep fried chicken fillet! Omg so nice! Love this! My fav Taiwan street food! And this is the original one from Shi Ling night market ^__^

Famous smelly tofu! Looks so yummy from the photo right? It actually taste like bad breath imo =___=

甜不辣! Sweet not Spicy is the translation lol..

And of course the 麻辣火鍋 spicy hot pot! This is suppper yummy!

Shopping in Taiwan.. Jill Stuart + freebies ^__^ (ok they are not ALL mine ok? Half of them were bought for someone back home because Aus don't sell JS)

All my shopping in Taiwan..oops =P

Hk laser show~ I ❤❤ Hk Skyline soo much espp at night, it's my fav thing about HK

Second haul at that Jap cosmetic store.. I think I took half of their stock -.-;

Shopping from just the last day in HK I forgot to take photos of other shopping in hk.. 

Liz Lisa...! ❤ I think I spent well over 1000aud on Liz Lisa on this trip -.-;

Photo from car driving around Batu Ferringi, Penang (Err dunno if I spent that right..)

Gorgeous view of the sea from the car park of my bf's condo, nice tropical feel ^__^

And I'm going to end the post with my fav cam whoring photos from the trip ^__^

Me and Duffy~ Love my new cons~ Wearing DUP upper eyelashes and Dollywink no. 8~ Looks really natural~ 

Wearing new clothes~ Top bought in Taipei and shorts bought in HK

Wearing Dolly no. 1 and no. 6 and new clothes from Taipei~

The end! And this is just the *overview* hahaha! And it's 2am! Told you it will be 2 by the time I'm done!

Will post more photos and more detailed stuff from my trip later! I have sooo much to blog about! Yay! Hope won't get too lazy and actually blog about it!

But I think this post kind of explains why I am so flat out BROKE atm -.-;; Will be working my ass off the next few weeks to fill that hole in my wallet =(

But well worth it ^__^


*heads off to bed*

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