Sunday, March 13, 2011

I ❤ Hong Kong

I went to Hong Kong for the first time in July last year (before that I just went through HK to go to China or stayed in HK just for one night so it doesn't really count), I loved it sooo much that when I came back home I booked another holiday to HK immediately! 

This time it's Winter time in HK instead of Summer so I did a lot of Winter shopping~ I already know exactly where to shop and what to buy (remember my shopping list?) so my shopping went very smooth and efficiently ^___^

I stayed at Intercontinental Hong Kong again! Omgg I seriously ❤ that hotel so frikkin much!

Check out the infinity time..

and night time..

It's better in Summer because you can swim and then enjoy the spa but in Winter it's too cold to swim but the spa is really nice because the water temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius so it's like an outdoor hot springs~ ❤

My room.. excuse the mess.. took these photos on the last day because forgot to take photos when I first got there..

I was so stupid and booked a king size bed instead of a two double bed room because the two double bed room is like twice the size of the king size bed room... =(=(

but it's still really nice...

Gorgeous bathroom...

again.. please excuse the mess >.<

Love the huge mirror and the make up mirror.. and house keeping helped me arrange all my make up! hehe

Taken with the soft focus art filter~

looks so dreamy right?

Ok last photo of my hotel room with me in it!

Forgot to take photos of the lobby which is frikkin nice as well because it faces Hong Kong Island so you get the gorgeous view of the Hong Kong Skyline! 

First day in HK..

Landed around 7pm, went back to hotel room to freshen up then went to Mong kok for dinner.. after dinner I said as a joke to my bf's friends.."Let's go to Lang Kwai Fong!"

..and so we did -.- it was totally random! Anyway I wanted to check out the Beijing club because I didn't get go last time.. It was like the same as Billion.. dark and super crowded..

In conclusion.. not a fan of clubs in HK at all..

My bf's friend kept buying us drinks... 151..tequilla... champagne.. bourbon and coke.. jager bomb..

That plus the fact that we just got off the plane.. plus I didn't dance so the alcohol just kept building up... plus the club is frikkin small therefore vibrations of the bass is super loud.. it's like someone is pounding at your head.... 

and in conclusion that night was the FIRST time I've ever puked at a club -.- fml!

So that was a very impulsive first day in HK..

Anyway next day I made a bee-line for my fav shopping place in HK

Argyle Centre in Mong kok - 旺角中心 ❤

Shopping from day II

Liz Lisa~~~ Bought at Princess House in Mong Kok~ some stuff at the shop are real liz lisa and some are really good quality imitations.. the real liz lisa are like 20-30aud cheaper than the ones from department stores

For more information on this shop, you have to be a public follower of my blog and then you may email me for the details ^__^

I'll take better photos of the stuff I bought from this shop a bit later

Make up I bought from Sa Sa Hk.. Dollywink Mascara, Kiss me Mascara and Mascara remover, a lot of majorlica automatic eyeliners because they are my fav liquid eyeliners so must stock up, some are for friends, the kate eyeshadow pallet and eyebrow is for my friend also

And the velcro thingy for the hair.. I bought like 2-3 packets of that before but I keep losing them -.-

Oh I lost my tweezer too so had to get another one or I can't put on my lower eyelashes =(

Wearing my new liz lisa dress for Hk Disneyland on Valentines day ❤

Here goes my SUPER BAD review of HK Disneyland

First of all the ONLY reason I went to HK Disneyland is because I heard they started selling Duffy! I imagined a huge Duffy store like the one in Tokyo Disneysea

I felt so cheated when I  saw this...

There was only two shelves of Duffy.. and they DON'T sell shelliemay!!!


Then what is the frikkin point because I wanted the PAIR!

I was heaps pissed off.. but I still bought my Duffy anyway..*sigh* that moment I was seriously hating myself for not buying Duffy and Shellie when I had the chance in Japan =(

at least they sell Duffy of all sizes..

In conclusion...Hk Disneyland sucked.. as expected.. It was super small and all the rides was super shit.. I guess the only good thing about it is that you don't have to line up at all for any of the rides.. but that's because the place is pretty much empty -.-

why? because it's shit. full stop

So if you haven't been to HK Disneyland yet.. don't bother.. it's a waste of your money and time

I only went for Duffy and I got cheated -.-;

All the Disneyland parks I've been to so far in ranking.. (this is my opinion only btw)
  1. DisneySea Tokyo
  2. Disney Adventure Park California
  3. Disneyland Tokyo
  4. Disneyland California
  5. Disneyland Hong Kong

Valentine present from baby... Oh well I guess on the bright side it's quite romantic spending Valentine's at Disneyland even if it's a shit one >.<

Gyaru make up shopping trip no. 1

Stocking up on my dollywinks.. dollywink eyeshadow, bibo eyebrow pencil, Melliesh, Diamond Lash, Candy Doll high lighter, Lycee Rohto Eyedrops and an old issue of Popsister.. because Tsubasa is on the cover ok >.<

If you can't tell by now I'm a Huge Tsubasa Fan >.<;

This place was recommended by the sales girl at Princess House.. The place is in some really dodge place in Mong kok

So if you don't have super clear instructions you will NOT be able to find it

However.. I have a map =) and great instructions

but again.. you need to be a public follower of my blog and then you can email me to get the info of this shop

Last time I went to HK I bought all my Dollywinks from this store but now they relocated to this new dodge place.. but it's bigger with much more Gyaru stock so I was pretty happy

Please note.. it is SUPER HARD to find these gyaru make up in HK other than the ones that are sold at Sasa but.. the make up at this store is quite cheap! Almost same price as Japan and because the owner goes directly to Japan to bring back these products to sell, they are 100% authentic. I have been using them so I can tell you they are 100% authentic.

Also Taiwan do not sell these at ALL! Cos Japanese make up is out of fashion now in Taiwan.. Korean make up are in so it's very hard to find this in Taipei now.. I've asked like 2-3 shop assistants in Taipei already and they all told me the same thing

Peach John ❤ I don't know why but the Peach John in Hk is like Super cheap! PJ in Tokyo is like..10 000yen ++ for a set.. but in Hk it's like 1/3 of that price! So strange! So of course... after I discovered that I bought quite a lot~ and bought some for my best friend as her b'day present ^__^

look at all the ciggie butts.. I guess the honkies love their smokes..=.=

And I'm getting really tired now.. have to wake up at 10 for dim sim with my besties.. so I'll leave you with my two fav photos from my Hk trip taken with my baby pen epl2~ ❤ and of course a cam whore pic of me 

It was taken on the day I went up to the peak... super misty but still so nice at the same time

*sigh* I love you Hong kong!


  1. where can you find those dolly wink make ups and japanese cosmetics in hk?? i will probably go there at the end of the year!

  2. Email you with all the information babe ^__^ have fun in HK! =)

  3. hi girl, can please email me the store for diamon lash and dolly wink? I'm going there in july! :D

    Thanks! <3

  4. hi anonymous

    i'll send you the info if u follow my blog =)

    pls let me noe ur gfc name and i'll email u the info

    thanks =)

  5. Hello, may I know where's the Princess House? And where do you bought the candydoll products? Cause I'm going to hk very soon.

  6. Let me know ur email address and I'll email u all the info tomorrow =]

  7. sent! have fun in HK u'll love it ^_^

  8. hi :)
    im going to HK in about 2 weeks and i really want to visit these places~
    may u please tell me where princess house and the place that sells dollywink/melliesh is?
    thank uuuu
    um my email is

  9. hi ^^
    I'm going to hong kong in August and I'm also a big fan of Tsubasa :D
    can you please tell me where this store is ? :D
    oh and this entry was very helpful and interesting ;)
    my email is (pls don't forget the "j" XD bcause everyone forgets it !!! XDD)
    Thanks :D

  10. Thanks babe~

    However I'm really sorry about this but if you have gfc account can u follow and then comment again with ur gfc account and then I will send you the info

    Cos what happened before was this girl was trying to find the shop name and I asked her to follow my blog and she went psycho at me and left a lot of nasty comments all over my blog

    if you don't have a gfc can you just leave a facebook or twitter account link for me? Sorry abt that but just want to make sure that the same thing wont happen again



  11. hi :D
    it's me again
    and this is my fb account :D
    oh ... and yesterday I saw a picture of the melliesh eyelid tape (and yes the one who asked you about the eyelid tape was me XD)
    you told me that you bought it in HK ... but do you remember where exactly ? maybe Sasa ? XDDD
    and does it work ? XDDD

  12. hey babe just sent u the info =) thanks for reading my blog and have fun in hk =)

  13. hi, followed <3
    can i have the address of the liz lisa store and gyaru make store?
    thank you!

  14. Hi!Followed u already.Can I have the address of the shop to buy gyaru stuffs at Mongkok?

  15. Hi Li li jeung and winnie, emails sent =) have fun in hk ^_^

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  17. Hi dear,

    I have tried to follow you via GFC, but it does not work and I have followed you at bloglovin. My bloglovin id is saw09.

    Can you pls share me Liz lisa address at HK? I am going there in two weeks time and would love to visit that shop.

    Thank you.


  18. Hello... I'm going to Hong Kong in a few months. I'd love to know where Princess House is located at and what is the price range of the items available there... Thank you so much!

  19. I just came across this and I would also like to know where Princess House is located at :3

    Please send me an email :3 Thank you ~
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