Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Food in Taipei~ Pic Heavy again!

Ok I promise this is going to be the last food post for a while ok? But recently.. blogger won't let you add more than one photo at a time which is frikkin annoying because you have to like add one photo at a time and it's driving me nuts and it's taking me aaages to make one pic heavy post ... so yeah.. I'm super annoyed -.- really hope they fix this problem asap!

Here goes my last food post from my trip~

Taiwan is famous for their street food but I find you really need an acquired taste to enjoy a lot of them.. like the smelly tofu for example..

In this post I will include some photos of me eating the food so it won't just all be food photos ok? 

Ok first thing we ate in Taipei is this.. It's like the Japanese Oden but the radish is not as nice as the radish we had in Japan but still it's quite nice~ 

By the way.. I can't remember most of the food we had in Taipei so excuse the crappy photo captions >.<

Quick dinner in 西门町 Ximen Ding~

Don't know the name of that orange thing..

Dumplings, tofu with century eggs and some kind of soup..

At my bf's uncle's house and he bought some take away Taipei street food for us

甜不辣 on the top of the photo... I forgot the name of the other stuff.. =(

I think that really black stuff is called 猪血糕。。

That night my bf's uncle took us to Shi Lin night market (士林夜市)

Where the real food are..

The famous Taiwan sausage

Super famous 大鸡排~ must try if you ever go to Taipei! This is the original store and there was a huge queue even though it was cold and raining!

They have chain stores all over Taipei and even have one in Hong Kong but this is the first original store! 

Look how awesome it is! Was worth the wait! So yummy!

Ok don't let the photo deceive you... it may look delicious but this is.. SMELLY TOFU! Some people can't even stand the smell of it! I can because I grew up in China so I'm used to this smell from my childhood.. So I actually dared to try it...

and oMG! I felt so rude to just spit it out.. so I forced myself to swallow.. but it basically tasted like..

Someone's super bad breath just exploded in your mouth =__= fml. Talk about acquired tastes.. geezus -.-;;

Ok this is 甜不辣 again.. looks a bit diff from the photo before but it's the same thing and I quite like this!

Me eating it =)

Still holding the chicken fillet in my hand lol!

Ummm.. don't know what this is but I don't really like it because I don't like sticky gooey stuff..

drinking papaya juice

I think it's a squid of some kind.. with 笋.. 

Next day went for sushi in Ximen Ding 西门町

The day after we went to Dan Shui 淡水~ Apparently Dan Shui is famous for their food!

Ok I was smart this time so I took a photo of the menu so I can remember the names of what we ate!

The tofu like thing is called a-geh 阿给, the noodles are just fried noodles or beehoon etc

fish ball soup.. I think they made the fish balls themselves fresh!

Look at the empty bowls! It was really yummy esp the fishballs =)

See? Yuki + Full stomach = happy ^__^

Then we walked around and ate more street food

I'm usually not a fan of squids but this is frikkin nice!

It's char coal grilled so it has that really nice grilled taste.. and they put this really nice chilli powder on it.. I end up eating most of it!

more chicken fillet mm!

My bf's cousin~ the chicken fillet look extra big in her hands!

sugar coated strawberries~

omg my fav lamb kebab~ not as nice as the one in China but still quite nice.. I was really full at this point so I just had one

The next day we went for 麻辣火锅 spicy steam boat!

It was really spicy but it was soo nice! Perfect for a cold raining Winter night in Taipei 

Last day in Taipei just ate some 鐵板飯 in the food court.. it's like rice on a sizzling plate

It may look yummy but that's how we got fooled because it didnt taste that great

Because we were so busy on the last day doing last minute shopping etc we end up buying instant noodles from 7 eleven and eating it at the hotel

It was pretty good actually, much better than instant noodles you can buy in Perth

And last two photos of food in Taipei

Eating at the airport before boarding the plane

This tasted really bad.. -.- but then again.. airport food is never nice

And that's all my food posts done! Enjoy drooling again =) ehehhe 

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