Sunday, March 6, 2011

A very YuMmY Post~ Pic heavy!

Make sure your tummy is full before reading this post or you will be very hungry by the end of this post!

Penang - City of Food in Malaysia 

All the yummy food I had in Penang~

This is my fav drink! Green apple with sour plum - it's real blended fruit, I drink like at least 2 cups each meal haha!

Umm I don't actually know the name of this... But it's yummy haha -.-

Chee Chong Fen.. I don't like the taste cos the sauce is so fishy eww! But the wonton mee is super nice! The char siew v nice as well~ diff from char siew in Aus

Chicken feet


Some crab with cheese and lala and I dunno what the other dish is called  but I remember it was yummy

Curry Mee~

Famous Penang Char Kway Teow

Fried Chicken wings

And that was just the *first meal* in Penang! Hahaha! But their servings are quite small so you can eat like 2-3 dishes

This is economy rice where you can choose what dishes you want
It's all vegetarian

I really like it because I love to eat the beans, lady fingers and potatoes mixed with the curry sauce

This is my fav restaurant in Penang~ It's a Chinese restaurant but their food has a really authentic Chinese taste which reminds me of home unlike the *fake* Chinese restaurants in Perth -.-

辣子鸡~Spicy chicken

Duck Tongue omg my fav!! Dunno why it taste soo good here, it's the best duck tongue I've ever had! We ordered two dishes -.-

Duck wings


Lady Fingers

Braised lamb I think..

丝瓜 some kind of melon I dont think they sell in Perth..

More prawns

Since I love frog legs so much esp at this restaurant which is the whole reason of eating here every time I go to Penang (and for their duck tongue as well).. that night I ordered... 4 frog leg dishes -.-

Ginger and garlic (I think) frog legs

 This is my fav~ bit spicy but super nice

Frog leg porridge

And more frog legs made with same ingredients as the 辣子鸡 so its like..辣子田鸡 lol..

Yeh I know I'm so crazy.. but frog legs taste really good! It tastes like super tender chicken that just melts in your mouth! mmm you have to try it to know!

This is tom yum with rice from Prangi Mall, my bf really like this.. I think it's ok...

Ok I still haven't found out what this is called... -.- so just look at the photos ok? =P



Chicken rice!

This soup is super nice! Too bad on this trip I didnt have time to go drink this super yummy duck soup... but this will do.. 

Even their cinema snacks is so nice! New york chicken hot dog, it taste like that hot dogs you buy from those street vendors in USA which is super nice! 

Caramel Popcorn so much better than shitty cinema popcorn in Perth

Egg with bitter melon, it's super nice!

Crabs and noodles


We went to eat at Kim Gary in Gurney

Ice Milk Tea

Some spicy noodle soup with chicken wings

some chicken entree dish

My bf's dish... I think it's curry and cheese? I can't remember..not fond of cheese dishes.. so weird

Nasi Kandar! mmm Love my lady fingers ^__^

Best chicken rice in Penang! I think it only opens on Sundays or is it because we only go eat there on Sundays.. hmm

 Tree Monkey in Batu Ferringi, it's like a restaurant in a Tree that serves Thai and Balinese food, it is helll nice! And you are surrounded by nature.. and prob mosquitos as well and at night you can't really see what you are eating... but the food is sooo good!

And if you go there you MUST try all their soups~ They have tom yum, white tom yum and this kinda spicy soup which is the below picture, and all three soups are sooo goood! Best tom yum soup I've ever had! I am so going back there next time!

And that is all the food I had in Penang.. I feel hungry now =____=

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