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Popteen Feb 2011 Issue~

Since I am in Perth, Australia our seasons are pretty much opposite to the rest of the world so basically we can’t wear “this season’s” Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn clothes til 6 months later so it’s super hard to keep up with the latest fashion in Japan, HK and all the cool fashionable countries fol =___=

But hey at least we get 4 seasons! Feel so sorry for the tropical countries like msia sg etc.. cos they are missing out on Winter wear which I LOVE!

Anyway so here’s some highlights from the FEB 2011 issue of POPTEEN that I would like to share with you… (All translating credits are all mine! So if you would like to use all these info in your blog etc please credit me or link your post back to my blog thanks!)

Results from a survey of 500 Shibuya Gyarus to find out what are the hottest items this Winter!

Ranking no. 1 (115 votes)
Poncho! I love Liz lisa’s ponchos~ I can *tick* that off my list because I already have the Liz Lisa floral poncho~ But of course it doesn’t hurt to buy more ^__^

No.2 – Leg Warmer (78 votes) I have some leg warmers but they are all out of fashion, I want to get the big fluffffy leg warmers from the pic! Or boots with the fur and you can wear it two way =)

No. 3 – Monster Boots (73 votes) So I guess the japs love their legs all fluffy and warm and cute for winter! I’m not that hot for this item but if I see a really cute monster boots in hk/tw I might get tempted to buy it hee hee

No. 4 – Fox Tail (31 votes) Yepp def plan to get 2 or more I want a brown one and a pink/white one

No.5 –Ear muffs (17 votes) – again another item on my shopping list though I don’t think I will really be wearing it much… maybe when I go skiing in Melbourne =) So if I find a super cute and cheap one sure why not since it doesn’t take up much luggage space

No. 6 – Fur Coat (16 votes) OoOO I definitely want to get 1-2 nice fur coats! I have my eyes on a couple Liz Lisa fur coats but if I find good quality fur coats that is cheaper then I will buy those instead

No. 7 – knit cap (11 votes) – nope not really interested in this item

No. 8 – Russian hat (10 votes) – yesss I want oneee! Or two! I want a brown one and a cream one =)

No. 9 Knee high boots – (9 votes) - *tick! * Got one already in Japan but.. still havn’t found a nice occasion to wear it… it’s not very appropriate for clubbing because 1. Too hot, 2. Scared my feet will hurt.. And it’s way too dressy for just casual everyday outfits >.<

No. 10 – Muffle with ears (8 votes) – Omg it seems that all the GALs in this issue of popteen is wearing it (see pic below)! But I dunno… as daring as I am with my fashion I don’t really think I will dare to wear this outside.. way too cute >.<!

Other info in the surveys I found interesting are….

Fav Shop as of recent…

Liz Lisa! (why am I not surprised?)

“Outer”(Coat, jackets etc) that you bought this Winter

  1. Military coat  - it matches anything! (I'm going to look for one in HK/TW ^__^)
  2. Fur Coat - have I mentioned I'm going to buy one? I think about 10 million times already lol!
  3.  P (Preppy) coat

This winter’s most popular print
  1.  Leopard
  2.  Checkered
  3.  Nordic
I love all of those 3 prints! Def want to buy something in Nordic since I have anything in nordic...come to think of it I don't think I have any leopard or checkered clothes either! lol..


This Winter’s small items that you bought
  1. Beret 
  2. Ear muff
  3.  Russian Hat
Already got a beret~ and ear muffs and russian hat already on my shopping list yay ^__^

Btw the fur coat I want to get is something like this one~ I think the brown leopard ones are too much >.<

It seems that most of the high ranking items are already in my shopping list and wow I put together my shopping list before even looking at this issue of Popteen *feels super proud* =) Guess my taste is that of a typical gyaru >.<

Anywayyy for more scans from this issue of Popteen Feb 2011 please look at Eki's post she also translated all the most popular make up and eyelashes etc by the Gyarus in 2011 which I will also be mass buying in Hk and TW ^__^

Anyway hope you enjoyed reading this post~ It's still much better reading the mags in real life but for those who cant get ur hands on them I hope these info and pics will help =)

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