Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Packing for my trip~

Just finished everything that I need to do and just taking a rest and waiting to leave for airport so have time to quickly blog before I leave~!

I'm a last minute packer but this time I actually started quite early since I have time to take photos and even blog about it... usually I pack like an hour before I leave for the airport! 

This time I have to pack for both hot and cold weather.. hate it when I have to pack for cold weather because all the coats etc take up so much space in your luggage!

These are the winter clothes I'm taking~ pair of jeans, my Liz Lisa floral poncho and top~ (yay can finally wear it now and don't have to wait for winter in Aus which is June/July!) and my Pinky girls coat from Japan~

Skin care and toiletries~ SKII travel pack and Neogence (some Taiwan brand, got it as a freebie from SaSa so I want to try this brand on this trip.. apparently it's pretty good) travel pack, toothbrush kit (toothbrush from Korea haha because I forgot to pack one! and the box was freebies from korea too), compact comb (stole from a hotel lol) and some masks~

Because I did so much travelling last year I've acquired these travel size stuff to save myself luggage space yay!

 Bags that I'm going to bring on this trip~ azur damier in Eva and Galliera

First time taking my Galliera on holiday and that's the reason why I choose it this time.. also because I kinda neglected this bag for a while so I feel I should start using it again!

And I always take my Eva on holiday because it's an awesome bag to carry when you are shopping your ass off because you don't want to carry a huge hand bag when you are carrying so much shopping at the same time!

Also going to take my Alannah Hill beret and Burberry scarf because it's going to be cold!

Jewellery....Forever New bracelets, Pandora and Tiffany bracelet, Vivienne westwood necklace and my current fav Swarovski necklace, Two earrings from my shop.. if you like them you can have a look at the other similar flower earrings I currently have in stock

Last but not least..the ring that my bf got me for Christmas that I'm going to take back to Penang to get it resized~

Make up that I'm going to take.. yeh I know it looks like a lot right.. it probably is a much for all my mini sized stuff trying to save luggage space.. ORZ

But let's have a look at my mini/compact luggage saving solutions anyway!

Small bottles of perfume, floss, Shu Uemura's cleansing oils (I got them for free as samples ^^) and contact lenses solution

All the lashes I'm taking..I need all my dolly winks ok >.< And I'm going to buy more omg... but but lashes are small and light.. 

And that's how everything looks in my awesome pink Kate Hill luggage!

Here's some packing tips from me..

  • Mini/compact things will save you a lot of space in your luggage! So keep all your samples, or buy a set of travel pack skin care etc and use them on your holidays!
  • Make up remover - this time I'm using Shu's cleansing oils and make up wipes instead of the liquid ones where you need cotton pads so therefore you don't really need to pack cotton pads so one less thing to pack? (Actually cotton pads are not that heavy huh... But anyway you get free ones from hotels so you don't really need to pack them hehe)
  • DO NOT pack your valuables in your suitcase! Put them in your hand carry! My friend's suitcase got raided and some jewellery was gone last time we went to Singapore.. so yeh I know it's common sense but don't put any valuables in your suitcase!
  • Always have a pen in your handbag to fill out immigration slips etc
  • Make sure your phone/laptop is fully charged before you leave for the airport! Make sure you remember to pack your chargers! haha
  • I like to write a list of things I pack so I can check it when I'm packing my stuff to go home just to make sure I haven't left anything behind
Alright I'm going to stop now...I'm starting to sound like a naggy mum haha!

Going to rest a bit before heading for the airport!

Let's see how much my luggage weighs at the airport *fingers crossed*

Sigh sometimes it's so troublesome being a girl because you need so much stuff when you go on holiday...!

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