Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Hair for New Year! ❤

Went in to Studio 199 (the old Top Image now brought over by Michelle and Pak) to get my hair done today by of course my one and only hair dresser and close friend Vicki Lin (who else? lol) ~ I know it's bad luck to wash your hair on CNY but... I'll take my chances XD

So yeh if you read my previous entry you will know that I planned to get my hair like this...

But my hair is not THAT long but I want to dye those colours for my hair hehe

So I went in today at 11 (I was one hour late because I realise I left my wallet at home when I got there but luckily I don't live too far away lol)

It took 4 hours because there was a LOT of people today surprisingly, guess I'm not the only one that don't believe in these Chinese traditions

Reading my new Popteen mags from Vicki and Hanh ^__^ 

Excuse me blurring out my face because I have no make up on >__<;;

Final Product ~ ta-dah~ took this photo while driving home... Urm it was at a red light ok? I'm not THAT reckless ok? >.<

You can't really see from this photo but there's blonde and pink and purple underneath and the purple will fade out to a pink colour like in the mag when it washes out!

Will take more photos of my hair this Saturday when I'm going out... yes that's right to Metros which is *apparently* my second home =___= *which it's NOT*

So thank you sooo much Vicki babe for my awesome new hair~ Feel so bad because she was so busy she didn't even have time to eat lunch =( Pak was so worried that she's going to faint lol!

*p.s. photo was taken on Australia Day I was so lazy to post up any of the photos or do a blog entry about it.. haha oops!*

If you would like to book an appointment with Vicki please call...

Vicki Lin
Studio 199 - 4/199 Bulwer st Northbridge 6000
9228 1110

Make sure if you want Vicki to do your hair you have to book for her when you call up for appointment and they are suppper busy so MAKE SURE you have an appointment before going in because you will be waiting forever if you just do a walk in

Her days off are Wednesday and they don't open on Sunday~

For my next entry I will be blogging about the new issues of Popteen and JillStuart's 2011 Spring collection which I will be adding to my shopping list... I just ADORE JS's packaging... gets me sucked in sooo bad =(

Here's a preview....I want that cute blush brush sooo freaking bad =___=

So please look forward to that! Until then xx


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