Monday, February 7, 2011

More Hair Pixx~ ^__^

Here some camwhore pics I took on Sat night before I left for the clubs so I can show off my new hair colour ^__^

However...I was SUPER frustrated that night because I was running late and I just can't get my make up right..

My falsies just wouldn't stick on right because my contact lenses was really dry and I kept putting in eye drops and that made the eyelash glue go runny and therefore my falsies wouldnt glue on properly =.=

arrrrgh I was so frustrated I almost didnt go out.. so yeh I only took a few pics and I wasn't happy with MOST of them =.=; FML =(

Anyway it turned out that my contact lenses was put on inside out!!! I found out this in the middle of clubbin cos my eyes was just really irritating me because it wouldn't sit in the center and kept going up!

I went to the toilet and took it out and thats when I realised that it was inside out... T___T After I put it back in the proper way I felt muchh better for the rest of the night thank god!

So here is an advice for you all..

If your contacts are really annoying you PLEASE check if you put it in inside out or not because it will save you a few hours of frustration T___T

my baby in the background lol!

see the three colours? Blonde/orange, pink/red/purple..

reddish brown as the base..

Showing off my new Popteen mags ^__^

and this is like the ONLY photo out of all the ones I took that I liked.. Maybe because I had a genuine smile on cos I'm holding my new Popteen mags  ❤❤❤ *love love*

ok now I have to go and clean up my whole house! So many things to do before I leave!! Gona be a busy day tmr~~ See if I will have time to squeeze in another post or two before I leave but I'll be blogging from Malaysia anyway hehe!

thanks all for now xx


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