Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I ❤ Jill Stuart

I get sucked in by packagings BIG TIME cos I like pretty things =.=

So if there's a REALLY REALLY good foundation but the packaging is butt ugly I probably wouldn't buy it and I would end up buying a foundation that is not so good but with super ADORABLE packaging!

Anyway so I'm getting sucked back into Jill Stuart cos come on! Just look at their packaging! Need I explain more?  And it's perfect timing since I'm going to Hk/Tw soon and they don't sell JS in Perth...FOL maximum =(

I love Jill Stuart's packaging because it's sooo cute and princessy! Imaging if you have all these products on your make up table or bathroom or where ever you put your make up.. I mean just looking at them would make you feel so happy right? haha

So I've been doing my research because I don't want to go and end up getting talked into buying EVERYTHING so I got a firm list to keep myself from going out of control

I was actually proud of myself that I only bought 3 items from JS when I went to Japan and they were things I really wanted/needed

Ok anywayy here are some photos from the Spring 2011 Collection and also Valentine Love Collection

All photo credits goes to the official JS website


Don't tell me you are not getting sucked in already by these promo pics >.<

Valentine Love Collection~

 Ok and below are some items I have my eyes set on~

Blush Blossom 

Comes in 5 colours I actually just want the super adorable blush brush that comes with this blush.. I don't think you can buy the brush separately so yes.. that IS their strategy after all.. throw in a cute blush brush so you will end up buying this blush which you don't really need =__=

Haven't really decided what colour I want so I will decide when I play around with them in person =)

Makeup and Life blog did a lot of product reviews for JS which includes this blush so go check it out if you want more info on JS products~

Of course I will be doing my own reviews later when I buy these items and get a new camera

And that is the main reason I haven't done any make up reviews yet because I'm waiting for a nicer cam to provide you guys with better quality pics~

Ok next on the list is Lip Jewel lip gloss~

That's all the colours it comes in... I know I have 394395 lip glosses already if you have already seen my make up collection but yes I'm a sucker for lip glosses ok >.< esp since it's Jill Stuart! *gassp* look at the packaging! lol >.<

Next up is this compact mirror.. I got sucked in because of eki's post on this mirror and I was like yeh.. I totally need this mirror! So yep I'm going to get this mirror! >.<

Following item is a maybe... Because urmm I really don't need any more powders.. Because I already have an Anna Sui one (got sucked in by the packaging...), a Shu Uemura one (bought it so I can get the free make up bag =.=) and a Chanel one.. and I'm going to buy the Candy Doll mineral powder.. so hmmz..

But the packaging is so damn cute.. Let's just wait and see how persuasive the sales assistant is or how broke I am by the time I approach JS counter or if I win/lose money in Macau... so many maybes.. lol

JS perfume omgggg like I have no idea how it smells and I don't even like perfumes but omfg *gasp* at the bottle.. So again if it smells nice...

Anywayyy so if you live in a place that dont sell JS like me and got sucked in by my post (sorry guys) and want to buy some JS products I can get them for you!!

If you live in Perth I can pass them to you in person, if you live in Aus I can post the to you (provided that you pay for postage)

All prices are on the official website 

I charge a surcharge of 5-10 Aud per item since I have to carry it all the way bak to Perth for you and esp if you want the heavy stuff like foundation and what not

So if you would like anything please let me know before 11th Feb because I won't be online after that date and I have LIMITED spaces/weight in my luggage so yeh got to let me know asap ok? Because if I get too many orders then I will have to say no when I reach my limit because I am NOT going to bring back 100 JS foundation bottles ok? =___=

That goes for any other stuff you want me to get for you as well *prob not clothes due to size etc unless you are my good friend*

ok and thats all hope you enjoyed reading and hope you all got sucked in already by Jill Stuart's make up lol!

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  1. I'm also a fan of gorgeous packagings, it's a thing that matters a lot for me ^^