Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 兔 (to) You~!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It is the year of the Rabbit now!  Chinese New Year is super exciting and fun when you are spending it in an Asian country but it's the same thing every year here in boring ol' Perth. So anyway every year it's tradition that all my relatives in Perth gets together on CNY eve to have big chinese new year feast and watch the CNY show on the chinese channel on satellite TV. 

So just a quick post to share with you what we had for dinner!

My fav dishes...

urm... I forgot what this is called..I think it's pig trotter?

Didn't realise this pic was so blurry >.< Grilled fish of some sort.. Yum ^__^

Century Eggs and  卤蛋 dunno what that is in english..I think it's tea eggs or something like that..

Ok and my favvv dish of all~~ ta-dah~ abalone and chicken soup!! The chicken is fresh fresh chicken... because urm.. we buy the chicken from the farm and urm...XXX ourselves then cook it and make it into soup.. but it's super yummy cos the chicken is very tender >.< oops

Anywayyyy~~~ Hope everyone around the world esp in Asia is having great CNY celebrations! Hope I will catch some of the excitement when I go holidays on the 9th~ Cos the celebrations last for 14 days right? 

And I heard there's a LOT of sales in Hong Kong - Post CNY sales...YAYYY cant wait ^__^ 

And gambling in Macau would/should be exciting around that time too right? hahaha

So glad I got today and tomorrow off work! Going to do my hair tomorrow... I know it's bad luck to wash your hair on CNY day... But it's the only day I can do it before I go on hols..So I have no choice...I want to have pretty hair and take pretty photos on my hol...=( So in exchange for that I *might* (touchwood) have to sacrifice a year of good luck for nice hair fml  =___=

so will def post up photos of my new hair when it's done! 



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