Friday, January 7, 2011

Yuki's make up collection

I'm a typical girl that like to 扮靚靚~ (dress up and look pretty) so therefore I *need* the following...

*I think by the end of this post you will see why it will be a pain to share a bathroom with me and also why my bf always complain that I have too much stuff and I am always wasting money buying things I don't really need -.-*

Eyeliners~~ pencil, liquid, gel! Need different type of eyeliner for different effects! 

My fav is the majorlica liquid eyeliner - perfect automatic liner - all my friends that tried this eyeliner loves it too! It doesn't smudge easily and the brush is very soft so easy to apply!

Bobby brown is also a favourite but after a while it gets annoying because you must apply with a eyeliner brush then clean the brush after every use >.<! Plus the gel dries up quite easily

Dollywink liquid eyeliner is also quite nice - it can draw very fine lines so your hand must be very steady so if you are a noob using liquid eyeliner then stay away from this eyeliner!!

Least recommended is the chanel eyeliner - smudges very easily.. already stopped using it ages ago! I just use it when my friends and I play draw on your face games! HAHAH >.>

Lip glosses, lipstick and lip balms! I'm not really a fan of lip sticks but I love my lip glosses!

Fav lip gloss - Anna Sui - so glossy n pretty! Bought this on my first trip to Japan, apparently it was the 
ichiban ninki (most popular) lipgloss colour at the time! 

Fav lip balm - Mogitate! Omg I buy a lot of this every time I go overseas to stock up because they don't sell them in Aus, all the flavours smell so nice! First discovered by Zhao Li in Japan so I bought heaps both times I went then recently I discovered they sold this at Watson in Singapore too! Woot! Score =)

Fav lip stick - Etude lip stick - it's very moisturising, don't have the cracked lip effect! Love it!

Eyeshadow Pallets

My fav is the dior and majorlica ones!

It's very soft and the colours blends very nicely

Eyelash glue, mascara, eyebrow pencils and eye brow colour

DUP eyelash glue is the best out of all the eyelash glue I've ever tried! Already using my second bottle! 

I'm not a mascara fan because I prefer to use fake eyelashes so not much recommendation there

and I've only used Kate's eyebrow make up so again can't give much recommendation in that area either

Last but not least~ foundation~ liquid, compact, bb cream and powder, concealer and blush!

My fav bb cream would be the etude bb cream
Foundation - Really like nature republic's foundation! 
Powder - I quite like shu's powder compare to the rest
Concealer - LOVE jill stuart's concealer! Cute packaging and works great! Can't really see it from this picture but you can look back on my Jap shopping hual post to see more photos of the concealer

Do not recommend the chanel compact foundation, it's super drying, you can see the cracks on your face after you put it on >.<

My fav compact foundation would be the skin 79 one!

And my gorgeous make up bags~ Love the limited edition shu uemura one!

Wrapping up the post with my make up removers!!! Different make up remover for different occasions~

My favourite would be... well really depends on the occasion

Love using make up wipes after clubbing or whenever I'm super tired and drunk and lazy
Shu Uemura's cleansing oil suppose to work as a two in one make up remover and face wash but I hate it as a face wash because I feel that your face is still so oily after using it so I'll have to wash it again! But I love it as a make up remover because it dissolves all your make up! Even the stubborn water proof mascara and eyeliner

Make up removers especially for eyes with cotton pads are ok but sometimes I feel it is so ma fun because you can't really use it if you run out of cotton pads!

 90% of all my make up are bought overseas but I do sell some of these

If you would like to buy any of the korean branded make up like Etude, Nature republic, skin 79 and Laneige please contact me for a price quote for the products you would like to buy and I can get my friend to send them over from Korea

She will only be there til end of Feb so please let me know your orders before then!

Some Japan branded make up I can *try* get for you so please contact me if you are interested in anything and I will see what I can do

Anyway I hope you guys had fun looking at my make up collection~

Good luck to me taking all my stuff to Melbourne -.-;; *stresses*


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  1. I love your blog so far, it's fun to read. :D You know the Shu Uemura powder? Is it better than Mac's? And are there translucent versions? I've been trying to find a good setting powder, and I hear loads of comments on Mac's powders. Have you ever tried them?