Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A trip down Nail lane~

Omg... I already finish this post and then I tried to post and failed.. and I have to start all over again.. super frustrated and angry so I don't think I will write as much this time around -.-;;

Anyway this post is about all the nail design I have had so far and most of them is all done by my personal nail artist and close friend Hanh~

Started doing my nail with her back in Sept 2007~ Airbrushing with nail art~ look like white feathers~

Oct 2007~ Playboy airbrushing with gemstone

Nov 2007~ Airbrush with nail art

Dec 2007 ~ Airbrush and Nail art~ Snowman and moon and birds, super cute!

Jan 2008~ Airbrush with gemstones~ The style getting more Jappy~

Feb 2008 Valentine design~ So princessy, one of my fav!

March 2008 look like candy~

April 2008 ~ Another one of my dav~ Pink leopard and zibra design with gemstone~ No airbrushing

May 2008~ First and only black nail design so far love the Chanel logo on the thumb~ This one took a while but love it anyway

June 2008 - Ok this is actually taken in Aug 2008 that's why it look so long and yucky cos it's been one month past my due time to do refills~ But the reason is that I was planning to do my refill in Japan and turn out that the price was super expensive so I only did my toes and one thumb just nail art and spent around 150aud already! >.<

Aug 2008 - really liked this design, simple but nice~ However forgot to take much photos of this so I only have a really yellow bad photo of this design oops!

Sept 2008~ this design was done over the one above for Vicki's hair competition

Nov 2008 - really loved this design but I got in trouble in croup school because of this so I had to take it off or they were going to kick me out so only had this design for like a week =(=(

Anyway due to my job as croupier I was scared to do nails in case I get told off so didn't do my nail again til...

June 2009 when I went to malaysia for two weeks! As you can see the nail designs are becoming more and more Japanese style~

Feb 2010~ Start doing my nail at work again~ valentine design with swarvoski and gold beads~ Started importing swarvoski and nail art stuff for Hanh~

March 2010 - ice cream and strawberries~ got in trouble a bit at work for this because it's too much >.< oops!

April 2010 ~ Swarvoski and airbrush design~ looks like the sky when sun is setting very pretty ^_^

May 2010~ Swarvoski with 3d design~

June 2010 - love this design so much took ages as well! Def one of my Fav so far! Lace, pearl, swarvoski with gel top coat!

And my nail design as of right now! Jan 2011~ Swarvoski, pearls, 3d designs with pastel glitter and gel top coat! love this design too ^__^

Nail done in Japan 2008~

And toe nails~ Super nice but super expensive =(

This was done in Hong Kong July 2010 at T.nail in the TST store~ Super nice got so many compliments~ Please contact me if you want to get details for this shop~ I'm going back in Feb to do again! 

As you can see she's super talented with 6 years of experience up her sleeve~ She's now the 2IC at Fantasy Nails at Innaloo shopping centre 

If you are interested in getting any swarvoski or nail stuff please contact me ^__^

ok happy reading~ xx


  1. weeh! super cute nail! i LOOOOOOVEEEE them all!

  2. I love the designs from Feb 2008 (Valentine), Aug 2008, Feb 2010 and March 2010. And also those made in Japan, in 2008, gorgeous !!!