Friday, January 21, 2011

Retail Therapy = Happy Yuki

 First of all... yay! Finally finished making my blog banner~ ^__^ hope you all like it! Now my blog looks much better! And hopefully more and more people will come and read =)

So today I went night shopping because it's Thursday and I finally bought No! No! so I can cross that off my wish list~ Also I got my pre-order of Little Big Planet 2 anddd a 38mm VS Sassoon hot curler!

LBP2 came out today! Got it from EB game for 83aud, they did a price match with JB hi-fi and if you pre-order you get a little Sac Boy Plush which is delayed because of the Queensland floods but at least I can get my game for now

EB's price was actually 109! that's like 30 more expensive than JB! So if you want to buy this game I suggest you go to JB but EB will do a price match for you anyway if you end up getting it from EB

My bf and I playing~ customising our characters...

My character is obviously the girl and his is the creepy white eye one T__T;

What do I think of it so far... well it's pretty much the same as Little Big Planet but with new levels and new things to play with but because I don't have wireless internet it's not as worth it to get this game because if you got wireless internet you can go online with ur ps3 and download levels other players created so you basically get 34982309 more new levels to play with

But the good thing about this game is that it's 1-4 players so next Wed on Aus day I'm going to have friends come over with their ps3 controllers and play it together!

But yeh I think this game makes me really frustrated because I'm actually really bad at playing games that require good timing skills cos your characters jump around and stuff and because my timing sucks I always miss and keep dying =.= So after an hour or so of playing I get so frustrated I want to hurl my controller at the tv 

So why did I even get the LBP2 again..?? I don't even know.. maybe because I like to torture myself? 

Anyway moving on... so I was contemplating whether I should get the 38mm hot curler or not because I already have a 25mm hot curler AND hot rollers of 3 different sizes but....

Cos last night I saw this youtube...

and that basically convinced me to get this...

Except I think my hair is too long for that hair style.. fml -.-; Oh well but the 38mm is really good for creating the really nice soft big curls and I find hot curler much easier to use than the hot rollers but I will leave that for another post

Anyway so yeh now I have one more thing for me to bring to Melb fml >.< Also I got scolded by my bf for wasting money on more useless stuff that I already have... But it's only 29aud!!! Yeh that's right! Hell cheap right? hehehe nvm.. only girls will understand @.@

I will post up a review some time when I start using it.. maybe tomorrow =)

And leaving the best til last... the most important purchase of the day.....

Yesss Finally got my no!no! It's the new model! Bit pricey - 349aud butttt here is my reasoning...

It's worth it because every time I go to salons to do IPL for underarm it costs me 100aud so now that I have no no I no longer need to go to do IPL anymore so basically by saving myself just 3 trips to the salon I already got my money back! Furthermore I can use no! no! like everywhere on my body! 

For those who don't know what no!no! is .. it's a laser alternative that reduces hair regrowth

I will write a post later on with reviews and more info about this *cos I got the pamphlet with all the info on it bwahaha*

But *apparently* no! no! reduces hair up to 94%

All the myers in Perth were sold out of the new model due to Christmas and they JUST got new stock in like today, same as Shavers but both places only had the silver one in stock and I wanted to wait for the pink one but who knows when the pink one is going to come in... So I didn't want to wait anymore so I got it today!

Don't worry I will just bling it later will all pink Swarovski crystals so it will end up looking better than the pink one anyway! 

Ok that's all for now, I'll do two separate post later on reviews for the hot curler and no! no! =)

Yay retail therapy FTW ^___^

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