Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Product Review VS Sassoon 38mm Curling Iron

As promised here is my product review for the VS Sassoon 38 Curling Iron~

Why get a 38mm Curling Iron when I already have a 25mm and what's the difference from a curling iron and hot rollers?

Well the reason I got the 38mm is to achieve the soft curl or what is also known as the 'Japanese curl' because it seems that all girls in the Jap magazines seem to have this natural soft waves and it's achieved by curling iron and not from a perm!

This is basically the hair style I'm trying to achieve with this hot roller, this is from March 2010 issue of Ane-can

So I followed the tutorial below and curled my hair..


Outfit of the day~ getting ready to go out to watch Tangled~ ^__^

Reminiscing my shoulder length hair... 

My hair from the side

What you guys think? These soft waves can only be achieved by a curling iron or hot rollers that's 32mm  or above. The curler is ceramic so it's not as damaging for your hair and it's easier and faster to use than hot rollers. Before I bought hot rollers thinking it will be faster and easier to use but actually it's not 

Also I find the curls made with hot rollers fall out much faster than curls made with hot iron

VS Sassoon's hot curler has 25 heat settings and 2 year warranty and also has a brush sleeve for soft waves and body

It states that it heats up in 60 seconds but I don't think so.. I think it takes at least 3-5 minutes to heat up

But other than that I think it's a good curling iron plus VS Sassoon is a good brand anyway and the price is super cheap! Only 29aud at myers! I was going to buy a $60 one (forgot what brand) at Shavers but they sold out so I got one at Myers instead!

Anyway below is some camwhoring shots of me and van van before heading out for clubbing 2 days ago so you can see more photos of my hair done with the hot curling iron ^__^

Warning.. all photos below are photoshopped but all I did was get rid of my bags under my eyes except for the last photo.. hehe

Was playing with the bloat tool in Photoshop and then I clicked too many times on the mouse so my eyes kinda look like alien eyes now >.<

Should label this one.. "If I go for plastic surgery for the eyes.." Hmmz.. not bad =P

 This was from the same issue of Anecan (March 2010) that was introducing the new poppy line by Coach and it was this picture that made me fall in love with the pink sequin spotlight bag that I ended up buying =)

Going to Studio 199 to find Vicki next week to do my hair~ I'd like to get this colour.... but don't want to bleach my hair again because it's tooo damaging so..

I think I'm going to go for something like this..Three colours~ Just bleach like bits of my hair hehe looks cool right? =) Will post about it when it's done ^.^



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