Monday, January 31, 2011

Liz Lisa Spring 2011 Collection French Bohemian~ ❤

First of all... yay my page count has reached 1000!! well it's kinda like 1100+ now but yay! And I have readers from all over the world

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So a big THANK you to all my readers whether you are my friends or strangers and I hope more and more people will come visit and hope people will start to *follow* my blog hehe! Then I will start to do some give aways n fun stuff like that!

Anyway on with my post~~

I know this info has been out like aaages ago and I know I'm a bit slow but still..I would like to share with you all Liz Lisa's 2011 Spring Collection - French Bohemian

Below are the promo pics I got from the Official Liz Lisa Website!

I love the maxi dress on the left~~

Love the left outfit~ I think the right outfit with the boots would be something my best friend Zhao Li likes

Love both outfits below and I will definitely buy if they already start selling in HK Liz Lisa *crosses fingers*

Basically it's a super romantic countryside kind of theme and I love that! Love all the colours in the promo pics~ It have such a romantic feel~~

Below is a video of Liz Lisa's show at Japan Fashion Week! It's interesting they don't actually use any Japanese models but Lena's in it! She's the last model! Love the stage and how they decorate everything!

As you can see by now flowers is a BIG theme in all Liz Lisa fashion... it's kinda their signature thing =P

I basically want to buy EVERYTHING in there!! hahaha But really don't know if HK will still sell these kind of clothes in winter..I saw a lot when I went in July but that was Summer... Hopefully they still have some when in go in Feb... if not I will just buy Liz Lisa >.< My poor poor wallet/credit card lol..

Anyway when I come back from holidays I am thinking to start a LIZ LISA SPREE!!! Please drop a comment if you are interested and I will decide whether I should do one depending on reactions..

If not many people interested then I will have Liz Lisa allll to myself ^__^



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  1. Hi there Yuki!

    You don't need to wait for Hong Kong to stock Liz Lisa (that probably won't happen :), you can already get lots of the 2011 range from my store for lower than Tokyo prices (and cheap shipping to HK.)

    Have a look at:

    Many thanks X

    Minky (^-^)