Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Japanese fashion magazine 101

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ok on with my post~

Some people collect stamps, some people collect fridge magnets... I collect...

Japanese fashion magazines!! <3<3

My first Jap mags was given to me by a Japanese exchange student who's name is also Yuki and has the same birthday as my best friend lol! She gave me 2 issues of 'Seventeen' and this was back in... 2003! Then I was addicted! At the time I was like omgg this is gold because it's from Japan! and you can't buy it anywhere else! Then later when I started travelling I realised you can buy them not just in Japan but in Msia and Singapore as well! So then I started my collection...

Reasons why I love Jap Magazines~

  • Super educational~ teach you how to do your make up, how to do your hair, how to mix and match clothes etc etc
  • All the pretty models~ and of course all the gorgeous clothes, shoes and bags that I cannot buy... just drool at -.-
  • of course all the freebies hehe!

But too bad cannot buy these magazines in Perth so every time I go oversea to an Asian country I HAVE to buy the latest issues of my fav Jap fashion magazines! But they are super heavy! So I can only buy 3-4.. 5 max! 

Here are some of my Jap magazines~ I still got a LOT at my mum's house and some at my friend's house

I sort of out grew non-no's fashion.. it's too casual for me and I think as I'm getting older it's not really my style anymore.. but non-no still have a lot of great fashion tips - mix and match and make up and hair tutorials~ these are issues from 2008

If anyone is interested I'm happy to sell these 5 non-no magazines for 20aud~

If you want more I got more at my mum's house! But basically I'm happy to part with my non-no mags because I don't really read them anymore so let me know if you want to buy them off me ^__^

My two fav magazine Ray... and..

Pinky! These two mags are easy to find in asian countries like Malaysia and Singapore but of course I also buy them when I go to Japan as well!

Ray and Pinky are targeted at 25-30 age group, the style is the same as CanCam which is Mote-Kei~

"""Mote-kei is a very popular style in Japan. It is the pinnacle of femininity without showing off with sexual appeal or individuality. The idea is to attract the widest possible interest from men, mote meaning ‘being popular with the other sex’. ""

Hahah see I actually do my research for this post! But basically mote-kei style is kinda like otona-kawaii (cute adult) I really love that style because it's very elegant and classy~ and I LOVE their mix and match section!

But mote-kei, otona-kawaii styles are quite mature, it's kind of an OL feel so then sometimes I get dragged back into Gyaru style which is basically what Popteen and Ageha magazine target at... My friend has my popteen mags so no group photo here but I'm definitely gona go buy more when I go hk/tw in Feb! Here's an old photo of me and my popteen mag hehe!

ViVi magazine are extremely popular but for some reason I don't really like it.. I find the styles very westernised and I don't really like eurasian models >.<

My fav models atm are 船山久美子 Kumiko Funayama(Kumikki) and Tsubasa Masuwaka~~

Tsubasa has her own make up line, eyelashes and contact lenses - Candy Doll, Dollywink, and Peach Candy and Bambi series~! And they are all hot sells in Japan and my fav brands! ^__^ 


Anyway if you don't really go overseas much and want to read these magazines there are two options!

If you live in Sydney I think you can buy them at Kinokuniya but Kinokuniya let's you subscribe! It's a bit expensive because you have to pay for the postage as well but they send them straight to your house from Japan! And you get the latest issues!

Before I subscribed 6 months to Non-no and Pinky and non-no comes twice a month so I get 3 magazines a month for 6 months for 300aud

KINOKUNIYA - go to their official website and enquire about Japanese magazine subscription!

The other option is to search for scans available online, best is if you can find torrents and download the whole mag.. I havnt really found a good website that does that so if you know one please let me know!!

But I can introduce this website to you!

It has all the latest magazine scans on pretty much all the Japanese, Taiwan, Hk etc etc fashion magazines! I know sounds too good to be true right?

Well it kind of is.. Because when you click on it... each page load one by one so it's kinda painful to go through it... so only use it if you are desperate or if you have super fast internet! haha

So what is your favorite Japanese magazine? (bet you going to say ViVi right? =.=;)

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  1. I'm In love with RAY!!!! Haha… I live in Singapore but I can hardly fins them here anymore so I need to get them form Malaysia. Unfortunately! Malaysia won't be publishing them anymore (DEC 2012 last) ! So no more RAY magazine in English version. :'(