Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fei Fei and me~~

ok.. this is going to be the laziest post so far... 
lazy post = uploading some random useless vain photos of self and call it a day

I figured if I put up photos of me and my dog then it won't look as vain since everyone will be focusing on how cute my doggy is instead of "omg.. here's another 1242394 self take photos that we dont wanna see! "

Plus... that's the whole point of having a blog right..? A perfect place for vain girls to put up all their useless self take photos! Haha cos I don't like posting them on facebook!

The first photos is my fav cos his expression is so cute! haha!

Photos taken from around New years~

Fei Fei: Pomeranian born on 10 April 2009~ Going to turn 2 soon omg time goes by fast aye!

Haha this one is funny~ cos he trying to lick me >.<

dunno why he looks so sad...

It's really hard to take photos with dogs you know.. >.< so hard to get them to look at the camera and even when they do... so hard to make them not to move around when you are trying to snap the photo!

Dunno why he look so sad in most of the photos... I don't abuse my doggy... he's a happy doggy! =D 

Ok back to my research on Shopping in Taiwan ^__^ Can't wait~ 23 more days to go!

Penang, Hong Kong, Macau, Shen Zhen, Taiwan ^__^ finally get to go Taiwan! Have a feeling I'm going to LOVE it! Please leave a comment for suggestions for where I can go shop or eat in Taipei~ or any travel tips =)

Going for hot springs as well ^__^ yayy!~



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