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Do you believe in star signs/Horoscopes?

First of all I would like to thank all my readers (I know it's prob 80-90% all my friends) supporting my blog~ It's all your "hits" on this page that gives me the motivation to post and to post so often as well~ I get so happy when I see a lot of people visit my blog so once again thank you so much ^__^

I think I'm a pretty open minded person, I don't really follow any religion but I follow buddhist values such as karma and rebirth and all and lately I've started to really believe in star signs

I think it's ever since my talk with duo duo in Hong Kong..

Before I thought.. it's so hard to categorize all the people in the world into 12 specific categories and maybe people just try to fit themselves into their category/star sign and think.. oh it's really true!

But lately I've started observing close friends and people around me I believe I know quite well and I feel that the star signs are really true!

I think I'm a very typical sagittarius and star signs that I get along the best with is Leo and Libra (how come all start with L?)

Of course I think I get along great with Aquarius as well but that's because my best friend is Aquarius but I don't think I'm really close to other Aquarius friends so I don't know if I get along with ALL Aquarius people.

And I think the star sign that I don't get along with the most would be Taurus (my close friends will know why lol..)

Anyway so I want to share with you all this blog I've came across and I think everything I read on there so far is very true!

*sorry to everyone that can't read chinese, this website is only in chinese*

当你爱上十二星座男女 (right menu) - I think everything under this category is very true! I read both mine and my bf's and I think omg it's so true! Let me know if the one about your star sign is true or not!

2011年星座运势 (right menu) - You can also look at your horoscopes for the year 2011~ See if this year is your year to earn money or fall in love etc etc

Anyway so I think everything about me in this website is so true and I will share some of them here with you.. (again sorry to all non chinese readers I will translate most of it for you)

★射手座★ 个性+优缺点 Sagittarius - Good and Bad personality traits~

- 射手座的守护星是木星,守护神是宙斯,所以射手座的人乐观、诚实、热情、喜欢挑战

Sagittarius are Optimistic, Honest, Passionate, Likes challenges

- 很容易浮躁不安,鲁莽行事 - very easy to become restless and act recklessly 
- 冒险家,热爱旅行、喜欢赌博性的活动,为人变化多端,有双重牲格的特质
Likes to take risks, LOVE travelling, likes gambling, changes personality for certain people, have double personality traits - yep all true except the gambling part I only started to like after I started working in gaming -.-;

- 喜欢追求学问,紧贴潮流,也有语言天份 - like to pursuit knowledge, fashion or whatever that's IN, and have talent in languages - hahah omg this is all so true so true >.<

- 二元性格,变化多端
- 有机会同时做两份完全不性质的工作,多才多艺也有可能做一份涉及范围甚广的工作

- 意志力薄弱,缺乏自制能力,如沉迷赌博 - bad self discipline, bad self control therefore easy to get a gambling addiction - omg this is so true.. except I don't have a gambling addiction yet.. But I'm even scared for myself -.-;


I will translate everything that I think is true about me under good and bad traits~

Good Traits: Lively, sense of shame, enthusiastic, optimistic nature, full of ideals of life, straightforward personality, rich sense of humour, friendly, have their own philosophy of life, can go through a lot of heartache or hardships in life, love to help people 


Again only translating the traits I think is true about me..

Bad Traits: Easily offend people because my mouth is too quick, lack of patience (this is super true because I HATE waiting, it drives me nuts!), impulsive - don't think twice and don't listen to advice, over idealise unrealistic situations - haha yeh my bf always nag me about this -.- and I always get myself in trouble because of this like gettin cheated when shopping online =(, temperament unstable - easy to get hot and easy to get cold

Sagittarius and Libra's Compatibility in relationships
友情(friendship):★★★★★ - see? I told you! Have a lot of good Libra friends!

btw I checked Sag & Leo also 5 star friendship, Aquarius is 4 stars, told you this website is really true!

亲情(family relations):★★★
快乐的一对!你们是一拍即合型,因为大家都是好玩、爱热闹的星座。绝对是初见面相识没多久,你们就可以上床的人,因为你们都没有自制能力,只要 好玩就得啦。你们很快走入同居时代,但要讲到结婚,你们其实不是太热衷,也没长远的计划及想法。有一日过一日的心态可能别人看你们很不屑,但你们却真能开 心快活在一起,而且家中永远充满的朋友。不过在家庭秩序方面,未免太一塌糊涂,房间里总是堆着脏衣服,洗槽里总是堆着没洗的碗碟,事关你俩都挺懒的,家里要不乱就怪了。同样在财务上一样有这个问题,希望你们不是整日因为不记得交电费被人Cut电啦。
Ok I will just translate the main points from that..

Happy couple~ You can get into bed without knowing each other for very long (=.= haha serious? hmmz not gona say if this is true or not hee hee), because you two have very bad self control, just want to have fun. You will enter into a defacto relationship really fast (omg so true!), but when marriage is mentioned the topic dies out, you two don't like to plan too far into the future. You probably have a very messy house with a lot of dirty dishes and laundry because you two are quite lazy (umm half true haha I'm lazy, he's a neat freak but I influence into to be lazy also! huahua >.<;!).

最难追的星座女TOP5 (Top 5 most hard to get girls!)

NO.1处女座 Virgo

NO.2双子座 Gemini

NO.3天秤座 Libra

NO.4射手座 Sagittarius (haha i'm number 4! yess I made it into the top 5 lol!)


Don't think because a sagittarius girl look so sunshine, so simple so she's easy to chase! Super wrong! A sagittarius girl   is quite stubborn with what she wants - she really cares if that person is her type or not (that is SO TRUE), and if you are not, doesn't matter how hard you chase or how much effort you put into, it will all be useless (omg totally true!), she might even go out of her way to totally reject you (haha that is so true also..). Chasing a sagittarius girl, the more persistent you are, the more hurt you will get.

LoL omg love this one I think it's totally true, if that guy is not my type, doesn't matter how hard he tries, in the end it  will just make me dislike him/find him annoying 對他產生反感 >.<

NO.5天蝎座 Scorpio

Anyway there's a LOT of stuff in there to look through, I like to read it on my phone when I'm super bored and I think it's so fun because everything I read in there is so true! But then again I'm a very typical Sagittarius~ 

Hope you guys like this site and maybe after reading this post you will know a little more about me? Didn't realise this post became so long.. so congrats to you if you read everything until here! Love you!



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