Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you a FaceBook addict?

Symptoms of a FaceBook addict
  • -       if you don’t go on facebook at least once a day you feel uneasy
  • -       if you get messages from facebook saying so and so has commented on your status/photo, has liked your status/photo etc etc you get all excited and happy
  • -       when you are bored you automatically go onto facebook to read everyone’s updates and look at people’s profiles

If you have one or more of those symptoms I think you are definitely a facebook addict!

So why is facebook so addictive?

Reason no. 1 Anonymous stalking

Since being “ba gua” “ji po” “busy body” is a part of everyone’s nature. However not everyone like to disclose the fact that they are such busy bodies which is what makes facebook so addictive because it allows....

Anonymous stalking! 

You can anonymously view friend’s profile, pictures, wall posts etc etc and find out what they are up to WITHOUT them knowing!

And so a lot of time the following conversation happens

A: I just did this and this and this!
B: Yeh I know
A: How come?!
B: Facebook
A: …
B: *oh shit.. now she knows I’ve been anonymously stalking her on facebook!

But on the bright side… It’s a great way to keep in touch with old and new friends and people from all over the world without actually having to talk to them

...Except when you do you will kind of have nothing interesting to talk about lol yay for awkward silences

Reason no. 2 - great tool for gossiping

A: Ooo have you seen XXX’s new boyfriend?! Omfg so ugly!
B: Really?? No I havnt!
A: OoO I’ll show you on facebook!
B: Eww you are right! He is super ugly!

A: This ugly b**** stole my boyfriend!
B: Who?!
A: I’ll show you on facebook!

A: Hey this new chick at work is super hot!
B: OooO show me on facebook!

Etc etc I’m sure those scenarios are somewhat familiar? Hahah!

need i explain further?

Reason no. 3 - Great way to court girls and i guess guys too

Tactic 1. You are a super nerd that don’t really like going out to meet people aka *宅男zhai nan*

So you spend hours and hours searching on facebook for pretty girls to add them on facebook then you start messaging them etc etc and eventually ask them to go hang out etc So you can basically meet cute girls without ever leavin your house!

This actually works! I have a friend that met his now wife on facebook *yes you know I am talking about YOU*

Tactic 2. You see some pretty girl when you go out with a bunch of friends but you are too shy to get her number so that night you stalk her up on facebook and adds her and talk 2 her via facebook

Sometimes it gets a bit obvious/sus/creepy when they not only ask for your first name but your last name and even how to spell it

There was this guy in Bali that tried to do that but me and my friend gave him fake names! HAHAH *hope hes not reading this >.<*

Zhao Li you remember who I’m talking about right? Hahah!

And now esp with advanced technology, you can go on facebook on most phones and a lot of mobile companies offer free bandwidth when using facebook and that is another reason everyone is on facebook all the time

it's free and accessible 24/7!

I can kinda glimpse into the facebook obsessed geneneration

-bunch of friends hanging out at a café with their phones/laptops out with facebook open-

A facebook chats with B
A: man.. C got something stuck in her hair
B: I know! Should we tell her?!
A: Nah.. haha

D Facebook chats with E
D: Hey that chick sitting on that other table looks hot!
E: I think I might know her! Let me check my facebook friends…. Yeh omg she’s in my facebook list! But I don’t really know her in person..
D: Facebook message her and see if she will reply!

Everyone gets up to go their separate ways

C says to the group: Yeh I’ll facebook you guys next time on what time and where to hang out cya! Just remember to click on *attending* on the facebook event!

=.= kinda sad huh? Well lets hope our generation don’t get too obsessed with facebook… I think im kinda borderline obsessed… *blames laptop and phone* -.-; fml

I’ll wrap up this post with…My top 5 most facebook obsessed friends

  • Khin Lwin - you know it Khin, don't deny it! haha
  • Levi - omg biggest facebook freak ever
  • Trevor - always see you on facebook -.-
  • T
  • Neil

    There are many more you know who you are guys! Haha I think I am too tho so I shouldn’t talk haha

    Anyway.. I don’t know why this post became so long I think I got too carried away lol >.<

    Excuse the random scripts hahah Yeh I know.. I should never look into script writing as a career right?



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