Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I got this Shu Uemura make up bag 1.5 months ago but I'm only blogging about it now because I finally started using it! 因為一直不捨得用。。太可愛啦! I think this is definitely my favvv make up bag so far and you will find out why if you keep reading! 

(sorry the photos are kinda yellow/pink I'm too lazy to photoshop them >.<)

comes in super cute box!


It's called the abracadabra pouch hehe what a cute name! Limited edition 2010 Christmas design~

Super cute~ and it's made out of a silk like material~ really soft!

I attached my anna sui lip gloss to it~ and the zip is so cute as well ^__^

Ok so here is the reason why I love this make up bag~ It has two zip compartments and then two net like pockets

so you can put quite a lot of stuff in it in a very organised manner and because it's made of soft material if you don't put much in it, then the bag will be small and not bulky! My other two make up bags are made of hard material so doesn't matter how much stuff you put in there, it still take up a lot of space in your bag! But dw your make up won't get crushed because I think there's cotton or something in it that cushions all your precious make up ^_^

And here is some stuff I take with me.. Eyedrop (if I'm wearin con), mints or in this case mint spray!, floss (cos is cooler than taking around tooth picks hehe!), lip gloss, small bottle of perfume, cotton buds and I like to take the eyeshadow pallet I'm using for the day and an eyeliner for touch ups!

If I'm wearing false eyelashes I will take eyelash glue and eyelash box (my Dollywink one ^.^) which is not in this photo and of course a compact powder which is also my mirror (not in this photo either)

Shu Uemura designed by Takano!

Ok now I know you must be asking where can I get one? Well... it's actually not for sale... They were doing a promo at David Jones Shu Uemura stand where if you spend more than 215aud you get this free... I'm not sure if they are still doing this promo now because it was for the Christmas season and it should be out of stock by now but you can still try your luck? I'm going shopping tomorrow, if I remember I will go check it out and see if it's still available!

So in order to get this bag I end up buying Shu Uemura's translucent powder so I can spend more than 215aud >.< But it's worth it because it's such an awesome make up bag and best of all it's limited edition!

yah yah I know that's what gets us girls sucked in those two magic words >.<; 

Two things on my wish list right now...

1. No!No! permanent hair removal laser thingy! There's a new model out for 350aud sold at Myer personal care but.. it's SOLD OUT in all the Myers!! omgg.. So I'm waiting for them to restock.. darn.. the more you can't get it the more you want it!! Humphz..

and second thing is... New camera!! My camera is soo shit atm it's like 3 years old so I desperately need a new camera..! It's essential for blogging and of course for a girl that loves camwhoring -.- What girl doesn't? Oh wait I think ugly girls don't haha Sorry if I offended you.. but that would mean that you admit you are ugly right?

Anyway I'm still doing research so I havn't 100% decided on what camera I want to get but I'm going to buy it in Hk in Feb

 Any suggestions? I want like a semi DSLR camera.. like the olympus pen epl1 or sony nex5.. but now there's new cameras out so I'm still researching..

Please let me know if you have anything suggestions!

Going to get my Little Big Planet 2 tomorrow~~ ^__^V


  1. uh!i also want a canon dslr but they are too pricey....>.<
    anyways about semi lsr Canon PowerShot SX130 is a really good one and also Samsung NX-100 ...hope it helped...^^

  2. thanks babe for the info but I already bought a new camera in HK in feb ^__^ it's the olympus pen epl-2 and i'm super happy with it ^__^