Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 New Year resolution

  • Be less lazy
  • Be more tidy
I think that has been my NY resolution for past how many years now? But I don't think I have ever achieved it lol... But at least I will still (unsuccessfully) remind myself to change in those two aspects which I believe are my two biggest flaws >.<
  • Stop wasting money on things I will not really use
  • Buy Liz Lisa, Duffy and Peach John in Hk! ^__^ (Ok.. that's not really a resolution but at least it makes up for my biggest regrets of 2010!)
Haha ok I think those two resolutions is kind of contradictory.. But I will DEF use Liz Lisa, Duffy and Peach John so it will definitely not be wasting money!
  • Keep in contact with all my friends when I move to Melbourne
  • Continue to actively update my blog!
I think these two resolution is fairly easy to achieve esp with advanced technology and all =) Facebook, Skype and iPhone (Whatsapp and  Viber) is basically all you need ^__^
  • Start saving money? (I think this one is impossible.. but I guess I can try?)
I am curious and looking forward to what 2011 will bring for me

But I have a feeling some major life changing moments will occur in this year for me but I'm really hoping it's for the better...

Dates I'm looking forward to in 2011...

Feb 9th - Going Holiday~~ Malaysia, Hk and Taiwan ^__^

Feb 28th/March 1st - My best friend comes back from Korea~ Fei Fei and Bubu will finally be reunited! ^__^

May/June - Moving to Melbourne!! 

I think this is the first post so far with no pictures at all! 

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year (again) and hope 2011 will bring you happiness and pleasant surprises! Let's all look forward to the new year ^__^



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