Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skinnovate! Iphone 4 White *cheat version*

This is going to be a rushed entry because I’m just doing a quick entry to look like I update often! Haha!

Cos I’ve been quite busy these few days with my birthday and preparing my party and working etc. so haven't post anything for a while but the next post will be a long and hopefully interesting one about my birthday and the birthday party and lots of photos etc!

Ok so this post is about my first step in beautifying my new iphone 4! Of course later I'm still gona have my bling covers added on, this is jus.. something temp for now..

Free shipping! There's a youtube video to show you how to stick it on!

It comes with a free screen protector but I bought another one which is a privacy anti glare one.. But I screwed it up.. So what a waste of 10 dollars =(

My phone pre-skinned and the stickers and the screen guard and a little dusting cloth

There's stickers for the side and front and back! That little black bit is the apple logo

Ok so I kinda screwed up the front sticker..It was crooked when i put it on and i tried to peel it off to do it again but it sorta took some of the screen guard bits off and I basically screwed up both and had to throw away

Btw I don't really recommend the privacy screen guard cos it makes your screen darker and it's harder to see so unless u have nosy siblings or whoever peeping over your shoulder to look at your sms etc I dont really recommend this screenguard

Thats why my front is still black and boring.. but go to the ebay page I linked you earlier to see what it looks like with everything on!

And this is my phone after I applied the stickers!


They say you can use this INSTEAD of covers to protect your phone but I don't agree, maybe can prevent scratches but what about the corners? They can still get dented/scratched if you knock your phone against something.. (like the door of my locker! fml!)..Also if you drop it.. I think having a case would prevent it more from.. the shock? I don't know..

And also the side stickers.. when u brush your fingers along the side of your phone it kinda cuts your hand so I don't really like it..kind of hard to explain that one..

But other than that is quite nice.. my bf things it doesnt look that nice with the front sticker anyway.. but maybe cos I didnt put it on properly? But because it frames the screen, it makes the screen look really small

It's really easy to stick on except the front part tho.. the back is easiest to stick on! haha

Anyway when I get my bling case I HOPE it can be put over the sticker so I will have white underneath the cover

Will do another post when my covers arrive! They are being sent out tomorrow and expected to arrive 3-5 working days along with my lizlisa and shelliemay! Cant wait ^__^

ok that is all! I'm off to bed! Goodnight!



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