Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections of 2010

I think I can say that 2010 has been an awesome year for me… especially now that I look back on all the photos taken in the past year

The year started off with my best friend Zhao Li leaving for Korea for a year~ =(

Then I went on holiday to Malaysia - Penang and then to Japan - Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo with my lao gong and his family~ It was an awesome trip of course since I LOVE Japan so much!

Happy family shot in Kyoto~

Crazy shopping in Tokyo!

And of course we went to Disneyland but this time I went to Disneysea instead which is even better than Disneyland! =)

Then I came back home to start my last year of Uni and also probably one of the most stressful semesters since I had to balance full time Uni AND work! Thank god I survived and I was rewarded with the BEST holiday of my LIFE!

I went to Korea for 8 days to visit my Best Friend and we had the time of our lives! Also met a lot of new friends there as well!

This is my fav photo taken from the Korea trip, it was taken at the elevator in my hotel!

Yummy Korean street food with Dennie in the background lol!

Playing games and drinking in Ho Bar in Seoul! Yumm Cass beer and Soju! Never drank so much beer in my life! haha

Favourite polaroid/instax photo from the Korea trip!

Group Shot!!! Love this photo lol!

Then I left Korea for Hong Kong and met up with my Best friend from Uni Duo Duo!! We had an awesome time in Hong Kong!

Camwhoring before heading out to the clubs!

At Ocean Park~

Miss you Duo and see you in 2011! Can't wait! ^__^ xxx

Then I went to Shen Zhen to find my mui mui Kara! She was sooo nice! Taking me around everywhere and was a REALLY good host! Must return the favour some day when she come find me in Penang ^_^

Came back from my awesome trip and began semester 2 - final semester of Uni! Yay ^__^

Competed as Vicki's hair model in the National IHS hair competition in September. I know totally don't look like me right? But loved the hair! So awesome!

Then I went to Singapore in October with my bestest friends from work to celebrate Khin's 21st!

Love this photo! Taken at our hotel room in Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa!

Only group shot from the trip! 

Had an awesome time even though I lost money in casino! hahah But it was a really good experience. Also met up with Levi and Comy and introduced me to their gorgeous girlfriends Elaine and Voon! You guys were so fun to party with! Had the best clubbing experience EVER!! 

Then came back had my exams and then it was December! My favourite month of the year! Because it's my birthday, Christmas and New Years! Had the best birthday ever! Thank you guys so much!

Then I partied hard at my first and probably last Christmas Staff Party!! xxx Love you guys!

And that was my 2011 in a nutshell!

2010 has also been the year of traveling/holidaying for me! I think it’s the year where I went out of the country the most! 3 times! And all three times was to awesome destinations – Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Shen Zhen, Singapore, Malaysia. I think the best is definitely the Korea/Hk trip! So much drinking, partying, and of course shopping! Also because I was able to meet up with my best friends (Zhao Li, Duo duo and Kara Love you guys so much!) and at the same time met a lot of new friends!

Also had the best birthday ever and an awesome time at the staff Christmas Party! Also the first year I became so close with friends from work because usually I don’t really hang out with people from work but this is the longest job I've ever had so far so that's probably why!

Favourite nail design of 2010!

Done in Hk~


This one done by my best friend Hanh to make a booking please call - 0402 339 236~

Biggest regret of 2010:

Didn't buy Duffy when I was in Disney Sea and didn't buy any Liz Lisa in Japan or Hong KOng!!! arrgh!

Alright! I'm super late have to go out now to celebrate the new year!! Xiao hui going to nag nag at me soon hahaha! So no time to proof read this but so sorry if there's mistakes or typos!

I'd like to wish everyone a VERY prosperous and happy new 2011 and hope you all had an awesome 2010 just like me!!


Hugs and Kisses~


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