Thursday, December 16, 2010

My 2010 Birthday Part III - Bday Presents

And to wrap up my birthday posts, here is the last post about my bday presents!

So I woke up on the day of my birthday to this.. >.< Every girl's dream right? Waking up to be surprised by that lovely blue/aqua box.. the bow is so sweet I didnt want to take it apart >.<

Ta-da~ My tiffany bracelet from my lao gong~ Apparently not many people choose that charm so yay! I love it cos its pink and sooo me omg! But I scratched it a lot on the night of my party when I was clubbing and prob drunk and knocking it against stuff... fml =(


This is the friends forever pandora charm from Khin~ Thanks babe! I love it, it's so cute! But you should really keep the other half.. thats the whole point haha..

 This is from T, omg he is so awesome! Went and changed my present few times cos hes scared I won't like it! Hahaha but lucky got Khin to hint to him! I love it of course! my Tiffany #2 can change around with the other charm! yay! ^_^

Swarvoski necklace from Vicki, Hanh and Kiemmi~ Thanks babe! Hanh told me they took ages looking for the perfect present and omg this necklace is so me! Hanh said the key represent her, lock is Vicki and heart is me! And we are linked together by the heart! That's so sweet! Love you guys! ^__^

Alright, saving the best for last, which is my birthday present from my best friend! I can tell she put sooo much effort, time and thought in wrapping this present! As you can tell form the pictures! Basically a LOT of make up and the whole laneige pore minimizing skin care set from Korea!

How cute is this! haha I love it so much it's sooo cute! Little envelope addressed to me!

And group picture of all my bday presents! I'd like to thank all my friends for the lovely and super thoughtful presents and taking the time to go and preparing it! Love you all so much! xx!

Alcohol from my guy friends - Love all the alchol! It's all super yummy and girly alcohol like chambord, Alize and moet champagne omgg!!

Lancome mascara and lipgloss from xiao hui~ mwaks love it thanks babe!
5 love language - from my dear cousin Arnina - Love the book, it's REALLY good! And ur bday message so sweet! Love u cuz~
Peter alexander pjs from kher and khin - Haha that wasn't the one i wanted but it's ok, it's really cute I really like it anyway ^_^ 
Pandora charm from Fong - yay more pandora charms ^_^
Yummy lipbalm, body lotion and bubble bath gel from Vanessa and Chris - the packaging it soo adorable and it smells so yummm!
Foundation from Wan wen - can't wait to try this, their concealer is really good!
Ginger bread man from sg universal studios from James - Thanks, I actually wanted to buy it after Kher got it and now I have it too!! hehe I reckon that was the cutest toy from USS ^_^
Earring and bracelet from michelle and alan

ps I have so much alcohol again! haha Hope can finish before I move to Melbourne!



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