Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 2010 Birthday Part II

These are all repeated pictures from facebook but  I just want to put my favourite pictures from the night here!

So this is my birthday cake no. 2 from Utopia again - Strawberry Waltz. I couldn't decide between the rose princess and strawberry waltz so I ended up getting both =) yay! It's really yummy with strawberries and pudding within the layers of the cake!

Me making my birthday wish! Dress and bracelets from Forever New =) Can't really see the earrings from any of the photos.. oh well..

This is my favourite picture! But my fringe look weird.. Taken in my bedroom, you can see my wardrobe in the background kind of.. haha

My best girlfriends! Hanh, Kimmy and Vicki~Thank you Hanh for braving your cat hair allergies and coming to my birthday party! 

Khin and Vanessa again! My best girlfriends from work ^__^ love you guys!

My gorgeous work friends! Minus T.. cos he had to rush home to get his passport >.< feel so bad!

And my out of work friends =) Haha Levi's expression here is hilarious! >.<

Group photo! ^_^ I don't really know why we posing with the alcohol bottles haha..Oh wait.. that's cos I made them.. lol!

Then we headed for Metros City where the REAL party began! It was so fun and I look super drunk in the picture below.. lol at Kher ahahah looks like he's having more fun than me!

This is my fav clubbing photo cos I don't look drunk and we all look really good! hehe!

I ended up having an AWESOME night and I'd like to thank all of my friends! It's seriously one of the best birthdays I've ever had! And it's prob my last birthday in Perth for a long time since I'm moving to Melb next year and who knows what happens after that! And what's great is that I didn't even get drunk and do anything embarrassing like crying or puking so yay me! My reputation is still up-kept ^_^



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