Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 2010 Birthday Part I

So I decided to spend the day at Yanchep beach with my bf because I remember going there years ago and it was a really beautiful beach! But it’s a long drive away.. 1hr north from city! But it’s worth the drive if you just feel like getting out of town for a special reason!

It was quite warm around 30 degrees that day but at Yanchep it was really windy and cold and the sand were being blown onto my legs so it was super painful so it didn’t really turn out to be a good idea to go there so we didn't stay for long but we took some nice photos!

I plan to go back there later when it’s SUPER hot like 40 degrees! It will be awesome to go swimming there and won't be as hot!

 On our way to yanchep.. past some whoop whoop industrial places...

Arrived at yanchep and had yummy take away sushi for lunch, we were going to make our own little picnic lunch but.. woke up late so not enough time haha..

Below just some photos we took at Yanchep beach

You can prob tell from the photos how windy it was.. there was like no1 there! That's pretty cool tho haha cos only crazy people like me would drive 1 hr to some windy beach that you can't even swim at cos its too cold fml -.-

The water is really shallow and so nice! Cant wait to come back again when its hotter and that time I will def swim! hehe

Then we went back to my parents house to have dinner with my family. It is also my sister's birthday! Yes we have the same birthday! But 12 years difference =)

Yummy birthday cake from utopia - rose princess! haha so pretty i LOVE pink and white! The cake is so me right? ^_^

My family and I~

Lao gong and me ^_^

I'd like to thank all my friends that wished me happy birthday! Felt so loved! My phone was running dangerously on low battery the whole day because I was on facebook like the whole day! haha!

Next post will be about my birthday party ^_^



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