Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas~Minna~

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you will all have yummy feasts with family and loved ones and receive lots and lots of presents!

Now I'm going to post some useless vain photos of me and Van to make this look like a long and interesting post...

Vanessa and I decide to spend a day at Fremantle~We took our sweet time getting ready (2 hrs) -.- so we end up leaving the house at 4pm.. omg major fail lol!

Vanessa wearing Dollywink no. 1 and bottom eyelash no. 7

I'm wearing melliesh bottom eyelash~ 05 Sweet (4th eyelash in the pic)

Again contact me if interested to purchase ^_^

Photos taken at home~

Waiting for our fish and chips at cicerellos~ 

Quiet decent December weather ^_^

yummy~ snapper and baramundi!

More photos taken at restroom in Cicerellos >.<

 And Purikura at Timezone Freo~ Prob best Puri machine in perth.. Cos all the other machines are so crappy! Thats why I dont bother taking any purikuras in Perth

Yes I know we took a lot of photos but hey.. we took ages getting ready.. don't want to waste it! I know I know.. stupid vain girls hahah! But it doesnt feel that vain when you have someone to be vain with lol if that makes sense...

Anyway..Looks like I might have a quiet Christmas this year since I have to go airport at 5am on boxing day to pick up my bf so no point having a big night on Christmas night or drink etc... =( Oh well at least I *apparently* have a big present from him to make up for coming back 5 hrs after christmas is over

Hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS~



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