Monday, December 20, 2010

Liz Lisa, Shelliemay, Bling Iphone Covers & Nail Art Accessories~~

Ok this entry has a LOT of pictures~ but basically my iPhone covers, shelliemay and lizlisa has arrived!! ^__^ Oh and some nail art accessories Khin ordered

Photos all taken by my camera and NOT photoshopped! So as you can see it's super sparkly and gorgeous! 

 Chanel in Black~

Hello Kitty

Chanel White - I asked them to add some pink crystals to it since I love pink!

All Covers come in cute gift boxes!

My iPhone 4 in White Chanel ~ <3

My adorable Shelliemay 30cm Pouch Bag~

It's so cute! And you can hang it off your bag if you want! 

The three bling items below are instock and is FOR SALE!

Cute pink bling pacifier~ 20AUD

Hello Kitty lock with keys 25AUD

Cute octopus - 20aud each or the pair for 35aud

Ok and now for my liz lisa~

Really good quality~ and so cute!

Worn this to the christmas party~ everyone loved it!

and the floral poncho! The hottest item in this season's Liz Lisa and is sold out throughout Japan~ I love it so much! I know its summer now in Aus but I can wear it when I go Hk and Taiwan in Feb =)

And below are nail art stuff I got for my friend Khin~


genuine swarvoski crystals 1mm-5mm sizes in many different colours

Cute fruits and cakes~

ribbons and more~


  1. where did you get the iphone cases from??

  2. Awesome. The great collection of cute and beautiful iphone cases. Where i can find these for my iPhone.? ucuz cep telefon