Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Japan Feb 2010 Shopping haul!

Ok first of all, what is ichimarukyu?
It is how the japanese say 109 as in Shibuya 109
ichi = 1   maru = O or noughts   kyu = 9

And Shibuya 109 is my fav shopping mall in Tokyo! Theres 8 floors and 2 floors underground so 10 floors in total! The first pic was taken when I went to Tokyo in 2008 July, there was a 5 days bargain sale! 2nd photo was just of a dbsk banner in shibuya cos I love them so much! hehe Other than that I didn't take much nice photos of Shibuya cos my camera is crappy and most of the photos are blurry!

So that's why I decide to name my blog Yuki 109, so this will be my version of a 109 with posts about make up, hair, shopping, travelling and all sort of miscellaneous things =)

So why is it a shopping 'haul'? Cos you should see how many 'hand luggage' I had when I flew back home! Feel sorry for my boyfriend! I was seriously worried that I couldn't bring everything back!

So here is my 'harvest' from shopping trip #1. 

 Got off the subway at Omotesando Hills and first stop is of course at the Samantha Thavasa DELUXE store! There you can buy limited edition products from the deluxe line that you can't find in other Samantha stores.. (but I'm lazy to post the picture of the store, I think I will do that in another post)

Anyway, here is what I bought! Deluxe Samantha cosme pouch in pink for 10,500 yen! Super cute!

Then I went to checked out all the luxury brand shops along Omotesando avenue - Chanel, LV, Dior, Burberry etc den I came across Kiddyland!! It's basically got all Hello Kitty, and all these japanese toys and stuff! So I bought a lot of rillakuma stuff!! One bolster, earphone, mb pouch, 2010 calender, bling pen, business card holder and a rillakuma paris set for my best friend Zhao Li

actually I only love korillakuma the white one cos I love white and pink and it's cuter than rillakuma! Anyway everything was 15,571 yen.
 After that we walked to Shibuya, on the way stopped over at Vivien Westwood store. Wasn't that good so didn't buy anything

When we arrived at Shibuya, I went to check out Shibuya 109-2. Three levels were all clothing for men but there were some shops for girls too and I bought this top, it was on sale and super cheap only 980yen! Really good quality too! What a bargain!

 Alright and next up Shibuya 109! I think I started from the top floor and made my way down! Everything in 109 is super expensive! Everything starts from 8000yen +++ But I did manage to find some goodies

LDS 5th Floor - long boots 12,800 yen with 50% discount = 6400yen and short boots 3000yen
the long boots can be worn over or under the knee

I actually havn't had a chance to wear either of these shoes yet *gulp*
 Flag - J 2nd Floor - I think it was 3150yen each cos the total bill was 6300yen and I'm pretty sure it was the same price
 Pinky Girls - 2nd floor next to Flag - J

Love these two coats to death! 9500 yen for the coat 8500yen for the jacket. The long coat can be worn without the collar and comes with a cute black belt! Also can take away an inner layer so the coat can be worn in winter and in autumn - spring as well! Loved everything in that store but is super expensive! The girls working was so pretty and friendly. Plus also saw this girl with this old guy prob her sugar daddy and she basically didn't even try on the clothes, just pointed to this n this n this and then the guy stood there with his credit card ready to pay. The girl had LV from top to toe and she wasn't even pretty at all!

Oh also bought some lingerie from FKJ, their lingerie is hell cheap! I bought HEAPS first time I went for me and my best friend and this time I went back for more! I regret not buying any from Peach John but they were pretty expensive! 

After Shibuya 109 I went down the road to Donky Hote to buy some contact lenses. They only had 3 months lenses and quite expensive around 4000yen each! And got some rillakuma slippers 798yen each! Donkyhote is basically a store with a LOT of random things u can buy like accessories, fake eyelashes, even second hand tiffany jewelery! I didn't have much time cos I just went there for the contacts but highly recommended though!

Ok so here is the happy family photo of all my shopping from day 1! looks like a lot aye!

Day 2 Shopping

Visited Ginza and I bought some JillStuart Make up at Matsuya Ginza - foundation 4000yen, concealer 2800yen and gorgeous eyeshadow pallet 5000yen! The packaging is soo cute, gets you sucked in huh? The foundation don't come in a pump bottle so it's a bit annoying getting the foundation out, but it has a nice scent but I love the concealer! It is so cute too! hehe

Went back to kiddyland for some rillakuma stationery for last year of uni and letter sets so I can use it to write letters to my best friend in Korea cos she loves rillakuma more than me! 3317yen for everything!

 Bought some clothes from Harajuku, quality not so nice but is certainly much cheaper than Shibuya!

Margo - 1995yen for the white top and 4095yen for the grey long cardigan which is on Takeshida Doori.. actually it's not that cheap when you think about it.. lol

 And a maxi dress, I think it was 5000yen

 Ok went back to shibuya 109-2 and found this store Lodispotto and bought 3 jackets and a skirt! All super good quality! Greatly recommended! 4700 yen for the white jacket and long cardigan and skirt and 6600 yen for the leather/pinkish jacket

 A must go in Japan which is their drugstore, kinda like Priceline in Australia

I got masks, DUP eyelashes, glue, kate make up, sekisei from kose, hair dye omg a lot! Must stock up! was around 24,000yen omg.. thats quite expensive for all that! haha.. I kinda went crazy it seems..

 Ok then I went back to Shibuya 109 for Navana Wig which is on B2 and bought a wig, and hair accessories! 17,325yen in total!

 Happy family shop from Day 2 Shopping!

...and some souvenier I bought from Disney Sea

Final photo of me with all my shopping ^__^

In conclusion... Japan shopping is the best!! But super expensive.. so you will need to prepare to put a huge dent in your credit card or wallet..

My regrets for this shopping trip is...

  • Didn't buy anything from peach john or liz lisa...
  • Didn't buy duffy or shelliemay from Disneysea...

And.. I didnt realise Hk have a peach john and a lizlisa store... so didn't buy it when I went to hk either! fml X 2 

BUT I am going back to HK in Feb so I SHALL get peach john and liz lisa then AND My bf is getting duffy and shelliemay for me for xmas this yr

so unFML =)

yay If anyone interested in reading about my Japan trip in more detail please drop a comment and I will write an entry on it next time! Yeh I know it's a very late entry cos this is all in Feb this year but since I just started a blog so I have a chance to show off all my shopping now! haha




  1. Wow! How long have you been saving up for this trip and spree? The total cost must be crazy!

  2. I didn't really save up because this trip was decided kind of last minute lol

    So i pretty much swiped everything on my credit card and paid for it when I came home >.< I did have a budget but I still ended up spending around 1000aud a day...

    Japan = Super expensive

    I love it but I'm so traumatised from the debt I get everyday I go there lol!

  3. You came home to pay a SUPER expensive bill then! How did you pay that off in time? haha xD

  4. haha yep! Paid it off eventually by working my ass off >< but it's worth it!

  5. 哎呀!很幸運啊!!
    My mandarin is still bad :(

  6. haha no ur chinese is good! 謝謝~ 我還想再去日本!

  7. 我也想再去日本!!我要省錢因爲我常常用錢買衣服在電腦...不好啊!! 在美國買日本飛機票很貴...我死了~~~

    I'm more of a cantonese speaker since I never got to learn mandarin until now. Cantonese makes things sound more funny~ :D

  8. ooo yeh i can understand and spk conversational cantonese but i dunno how to type canto haha

    可是你们去欧洲的机票比我们便宜好多, 而且美国好多东西都超级便宜!! 我好羡慕!! >.<