Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jailbreaking Iphone 101

Ok so I havn't wrote a new post for a while because I've been lazy and busy and I don't really want to post a lame useless post just to look like I'm updating constantly.. so here's a hopefully useful and interesting post for those people that is curious and knows nothing about jailbreaking

It's not like I'm an iPhone guru or some techy nerd and I know theres a million websites and blogs that talks about the exact same thing but just want to offer some of my own point of view and basic background information for those that completely have no idea about jailbreaking etc. and is too lazy to go type "jailbreaking iphone" on google and read up lengthy instructions etc

Basic things you need to know before you decide whether or not you want to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad, iPod etc etc

  • once you jailbreak, you void ur warranty terms meaning if ur iDevice stuffs up then you can't send back to Apple and get a new one however.. in MOST cases if you just restore your iDevice back to factory settings the Apple people won't find out that your device was jailbroken so you can still send it back for warranty!
  • If you stuff up the jailbreaking process, your iDevice might freeze, or stop to function or freak you out and make you think that omg.. now I cant even use my iDevice anymore and you might go thru hours or even days of frustration and frantic searching on google and basically you end up wanting to hurl ur iDevice across the room and.. then you REALLY cannot use your iDevice anymore -.-;
ok those are the two main things you have to prepare yourself for before you decide to jailbreak or not to jailbreak

However after you successfully jailbreak your iDevice you've basically opened up yourself to this awesome unknown jailbreak world and you can really use your iDevice to its FULL kinda cancels out all the cons.

Ok for me the most important pro for me with jailbreaking is that it allows you to change the skin/theme of your phone and basically anything and everything!

Here is a print screen of my iphone 3G Cherry Blossom Louis Vuitton theme that I made myself! And you can see the font is changed and the top left hand side I replaced the carrier name with a customised one and made all these custom LV icons on the dock.

And of course other plus factors with jailbreaking is that you can download games for free which you normally have to pay for and you can download some really cool apps from cydia that can only be used for jailbroken iDevices. 

The website I usually go to is ... but you can search up a LOT of tutorials out there on the internet on how to jailbreak.

Right now, jailbreaking works fine on all 4.1 versions and below but since 4.2 just came out they are still working on the programs to jailbreak 4.2 and I'm so stupid and didn't do my research properly so I upgraded my iPhone 4 to 4.2 and then realise that I can't jailbreak it properly yet so now I HAVE to wait -.-;;

NOTE: Stupid Apple makes it REALLLY difficult for you to downgrade your software! 

Anyway for those that don't know how to jailbreak, here is a tutorial from Modmyi

That is just one of the 124832814 tutorials on how to jailbreak your iDevice out there, theres a lot of video tutorials on youtube as well

or just google - how to jailbreak your iphone, jailbreak 4.1, 4.2 etc 

and seriously.. just follow simple instructions.. if you can do that then it's really easy to jailbreak!

Of course you need a decent internet because the iPhone firmwares are like..400-500MB so if you have those USB internet like me then I suggest you get the firmware off your friends or go to your parents' house and use their wifi (like me haha)

Anyway after you have jailbroken your iDevice successfully you need to download all these applications via cydia to start modifying your iPhone!

MUST download applications on cydia

Installous - is like the jailbroken version of app store to download your free games

Winterboard - to change the theme of your iPhone

Open ssh - once you install this, you can basically either via wifi or usb 'ssh' into your iDevice meaning you can browse the files in your iDevice like windows explorer or Finder and hack into the system files and change stuff like ringtones and put themes or apps you download from the net into your iDevice

Here's some must download apps from cydia

Basically.. whatever you want to mod.. just type in google or find it on youtube

ie. How to customise my carrier logo on iPhone
how to customise my SMS ringtone iPhone


For those that gets intimidated by all these techy stuff.. seriously is NOT that hard..!
I'm currently waiting for them to come out with a proper jailbreak program for 4.2 so my iPhone is actually still not jailbroken *sigh* =___=

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Sorry this post is very wordy, congrats if you have read it til this far, if you have any questions about jailbreaking or interested in the iPhone covers just leave me a comment or find me on facebook and I wil get back to you asap!!



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