Monday, December 6, 2010

Brand New DUP, Accessories, Dolly Wink, Etude For Sale~

So I'm cleaning out my house and preparing my move to Melb next year so I'm selling some things I've bought in Japan and I have never used and I probably never will!

DUP Eyelashes - 20AUD
For those that seen my previous post about my shopping haul in Japan you've probably already seen photos of these, anyway so I'm selling them since I love my DollyWink lashes too much and I will prob never get around to using these

903 Doll Eyes
905 Glamorous Eyes
901 Model Eyes

Mobile Charms - 6AUD
Can use for bags, cameras not just mobile!
Ice Cream
Red Heart
Pink Strawberry
Pink Candy - That is actually a hair lucky not a mobile charm!

Mobile Charm, Key Ring and Earrings
Pink Love Cookie - 7AUD
Rabbit Cookie - 7AUD
Dark Brown Cookie - 8AUD
Sundae Charm - 8AUD
Yellow Earrings - 8AUD

Etude Oh m'Eye Line - 10AUD
Black liquid eyeliner from Etude! Last one left! Already sold 3 and given away 2 as presents
However, if when you order and it's sold out I can order in more for you from Korea!

Dollywink Eyelash Case - 16AUD - 2 available
Super cute eyelash case to store your eyelashes!

Hand crafted chocolate cream and coin earrings - 12AUD
Got knife and form as well! Very unique hand crafted design!

I promise you everything is Brand New condition! If interested please drop me a comment or a message in the chatbox! I can send to you provided you are willing to pay delivery cost! For Perth people, you can pick them up in person!

Can pay via paypal or direct bank transfer!

Thanks for looking ^__^



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