Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boxing Day Sale 2010~

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Ok on with my entry....

Every Boxing Day there's a huge sale going on in most shops in Perth but this is the first time I ever went cos I think the years before that I was either working or out of town on Boxing Day.

Anyway so Vanessa and I arrived at city at 9.45am and saw a super long queue outside david jones, myers and swarvoski main store! It was crazy! I never saw that many people in city before since this is my first time shopping in the city on Boxing Day and first time I ever saw people queue up to go inside shops in Perth!

I think it's hard to see the queue from the photo because the people were lining up in the shade but I randomly got two women making out in the photo.. well at least they look like they are.. haha!! *thumbs up if you like this >.<*

Crazy line outside swarvoski... their sale was so misleading because they made it sound like EVERYTHING is 50% off and then when u line up and finally go in, you realise it's all the old stock that's on sale and all the nice stuff is not on sale.. =.=;;

so we basically wasted most of the day lining up for no reason..

Boxing day sale is like spending a day at a super busy Disneyland Theme park (but no where near as fun) where you have to line up for EVERYTHING! Buying food, to go into big brand stores like Swarvoski, Burberry, Gucci etc.  and of course when you go and pay you have to line up AGAIN! You even have to line up when buying ice cream and drinks from Hi-mart (korean convenience store). Plus it was super hot! And it was just really frustrating!

However, my purchase at Peter Alexander made the day worth while! 30% off all women's Pjs! yay! Finally a store that got sale on everything and not just on crappy stuff that nobody really wants to buy.. like Forever New and basically all the other stores!

and this is what I bought...! I think Vanessa and I took all the last XS sizes in the store!

Below are photos I took from the official PA store..

Chandelier Sleep Tee - Super cute and have crystals stuck on the chandelier~

Music Box Nightie Set - This is my fav! Looks super cute! Come with a cute music box!! Khin if you are reading this, this was the one I was hinting!! Haha dw I already said if you get the wrong one for my b'day I will just go buy again! And yes T..pretty much 80% of the stuff in PA is all pink! lol fyl.. haha so it's not your fault you got the wrong one but I still love it so dw! ^__^

And the sugar fairy sleep tee~ This is old stock form last year but I'm happy because I wanted to buy this last year but end up getting something else and one year later I can still buy it so it's meant to be! ^__^ yay!

Anyway as you guys can see I love one piece Pjs.. It's just so much more convenient and comfy to sleep in ^_^ Oh and of course have to be pink lol! 

So yeh I'm super happy because I got all the Pjs I wanted at a huge discount and also all in my size as well! So even though all the other stuff I wanted to buy wasn't on sale but this totally made up for it! Yay!

But I don't think I will ever go to another Boxing Day sale.. I hate crowded places -.-; 

Plus if I go shopping in Hk it's like boxing day sale everyday there! Except even better! Because EVERYTHING is cheap and Everything is stuff you want to buy and not crappy out of season stuff!



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